Football Banter

Football Banter 24-10-2019

Liverpool Fans have a brilliant new Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Chant

Liverpool beat Genk 4-1 in their latest Champions League tie this week, with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain the star man scoring two goals. However, off the pitch, the Liverpool fans produced yet another brilliant and original chant for the England midfielder. The Ox has recently returned from a long-term injury layoff and missed almost all of Liverpool’s […]

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Football Banter 04-09-2019

Nicklas Bendtner Struggles to score in one-on-one training at his new club

Former Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner has joined his boyhood club FC Copenhagen, but a video has emerged of him online struggling to find the back of the net in his first training session. Bendtner famously once said: “If you ask me if I am one of the best strikers in the world, I’d say ‘yes’ because […]

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Leeds United betting tips
Betting Blog & News 04-09-2019

“The Premier League needs Leeds, not Burnley, Bournemouth, Brighton and Norwich”

A Leeds United fan has had a rant as to why the Premier League needs his club back in the top flight, and named some teams who he doesn’t think the Premier League need. Leeds have had two spells in League One since they were relegated from the Premier League at the end of the […]

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Salford & Leyton Orient fans
Football Banter 02-09-2019

Salford and Leyton Orient fans throw TRAFFIC CONES at eachother

Salford City have been climbing through the ranks of the English football pyramid for some years now, and with the backing of the Class of 92, they find themselves in the Football League for the very first time. Their fan base is also growing and this weekend, there were videos of their fans confronting the […]

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Everton fans at Lime Street
Betting Blog & News 13-05-2019

Everton Fans bump into Liverpool fans at Lime Street Station

Everton played Tottenham Hotspur in London on the last day of the season, and their train arrived back in Liverpool, just as some Liverpool fans were making their way home from Anfield. You can guess what happened next. After Liverpool’s failure to win the league title thanks to Manchester City’s win at Brighton, the Everton […]

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Betting Blog & News 13-05-2019

Man City Fan Throws PINT on Gary Neville at Brighton

Manchester City won the Premier League title at Brighton yesterday, but one City fan took things too far when Gary Neville appeared outside the stadium after commentating on the match for Sky Sports. There are always a few fans that take things too far, as we seen when a Liverpool fan pushed a local into […]

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Mo Salah racist abuse
Betting Blog & News 11-05-2019

Everton Fans get Photobombed by Liverpool’s Mo Salah

Two Everton fans were surprised to find an unwanted figure in their selfie this week – none other than Liverpool winger Mo Salah. The pair were posing for a photo and were shocked to see the Liverpool man pop up in the background. The photo was posted on Twitter with the caption “When you get […]

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Liverpool Klopp
Betting Blog & News 09-05-2019

Liverpool FC Announce Two Potential Victory Parades for Premier League and Champions League Wins

Liverpool Football Club have announced two potential victory parades if they win the Premier League and/or Champions League this season, despite not having their hands on either trophy yet. The Premier League title will be decided on Sunday afternoon, where Liverpool need to rely on Brighton to win win or draw against Manchester City, and […]

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Evert football fan loves a bit of banter on the terraces and here we will bring you the latest football banter from around the top leagues including pictures, videos, and reactions on Social Media.

Each weekend thousands of football fans descend on their clubs ground to watch their team play, and with that always comes some memorable banter from the stands – whether it be a funny moment on the pitch, a chant from the terraces or scenes outside the stadium, football banter is a huge part of watching the beautiful game.

Latest Football Banter

Above you will find the latest football banter that we found from this weekend’s fixtures. There will be articles explaining what went on around the country and media showing exactly what the laughs were all about. Some of the most famous banter involves the fans – who could forget the scenes in the Leeds away end at the end of the 2018/19 season when a late winner caused a mass pile-on, or the banter between Manchester City and Liverpool fans as the title race went down to the wire?

This football banter forum also needs your help if you had any funny moments on an away day this weekend, send it into us on Twitter @thatsagoal and you could be featured on our site.

Funny football banter is always great to see and some of our favourite moments will be shown below, but when things go too far and there is hooliganism involved, there is no place for that in the beautiful game. Going to the match should all be light-hearted fun and unfortunately, some football casuals have to take things too far.

Best Twitter Football Banter

Twitter and Instagram are always fantastic forums to find the latest footy banter and some of the things you see supporters posting each week is truly amazing.

The banter era has really taken off with the use of Social Media because fans can instantly post things onto the platform and the best stuff regularly goes viral. We posted this video of an Arsenal fan getting pinged with a bottle before the North London Derby last season and it quickly went viral.

Premier League Banter

The rivalries between neighbours in the Premier League means there will always be some good banter and Everton had some fun with Liverpool fans last season. On failing to win the Premeir League title, the fans met at Liverpool Lime Street train station as the Blue side of Merseyside arrived back from an away match against Tottenham, and Liverpool fans were going home (probably to Noway).

The Everton fans wasted no time in giving the Liverpool fans a load of stick.

There is also rivalries between the London clubs and some great banter between those Premier League fans. Chelsea are probably the team disliked most in the capital and have a strong rivalry with West Ham United and of course there is the rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham fans.

There is always good Premier League fan banter to be found and Social Media is always good for it. However, the Football League seems to have even better banter amongst fans with a lot of their ‘casuals’ engaging into a lot of rivalry week in week out.

Championship Banter

With some big teams in the Sky Bet Championship such as Leeds United, Nottingham Forest, Derby County and Sheffield Wednesday, there is always going to be good fan banter between the clubs.

Leeds banter is probably the most seen element of this and that is largely to events on the pitch. After they fell apart last season and failed to get back into the Premier League, oppositions fans were quick to remind the Elland Road supporters that Leeds ‘feel apart again’.

The photo below shows some good Leeds banter when they scored a goal towards the end of the 2018/19 season and sent their fans into meltdown in the away end.

Championship away day distances