Chelsea in 2014/15 – How will Mourinho’s men be remembered?

As many predicted upon the start of the season, Chelsea have successfully re-stamped their mark on the Premier League with another triumphant title win under Jose Mourinho.


Even with a few games of the current campaign still left to play, the Blues have already done the required business throughout 2014/15.


The new signings just seemed to click overnight, experienced pros such as John Terry have not only maintained their game at the highest level, but many have also improved it, and Chelsea’s enigmatic boss has once again worked his magic both on and off the pitch.


It feels as if Jose Mourinho never even left Stamford Bridge in the first place.


In light of such discussion surrounding the Blues and their success this season – just how well have Chelsea performed when compared with other Premier League winning teams, and how will this current batch of Mourinho’s men truly be remembered for their efforts in 2014/15?


When any discussion regarding Chelsea’s recent form begins to get underway, it must first be acknowledged that this particular side have undoubtedly been the best team in England this season – and have therefore proven more than worthy of their league title come the end of the campaign. That much can’t be disputed.


Several first team regulars have simply turned up for their boss in the past few months, some even on a week-to-week basis. Nemanja Matic has been an absolute rock for the Blues in the middle of the park, Mourinho’s back four have been in formidable shape the entire campaign, and the likes of Eden Hazard, Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa have really proved the difference since the season first got underway.


What can be disputed however, is the manner in which this year’s title was eventually won. Jose Mourinho has recently been touted of one day matching the kind of legacy Sir Alex Ferguson reached at Manchester United. Whilst this notion could in-fact become more than just a hypothesis in the future, it ultimately seems unlikely that the former Porto, Inter Milan and Real Madrid manager will ever achieve such a goal with the style of play he prefers. Bet on our West Brom v Chelsea betting tips for tonight's Premier League match.


High profile games involving the Blues and other strong title rivals throughout the year inevitably get met with a strong wave of hype from pundits and the media – but as Chelsea very rarely stray far from Mourinho’s notoriously defensive tactics at desire to grind out the 1-0 wins in these games – such matches often disappoint hugely. Although it may seem necessary, and even cunning from a Chelsea fan’s point of view, to the rest of Premier League audience it largely feels like we are being robbed of a potentially exciting spectacle.


Obviously such an approach is done well within the laws of the game and can’t really be discredited from the results the Stamford Bridge faithful have witnessed this season, yet the style of play equally doesn’t deserve a great deal of praise either. Love for football is based on more than just results after all, and even though less prestigious managers such as Tony Pulis often get lambasted for adopting a similar style in their respective matches, Jose Mourinho pretty much does the same thing and gets away with it.


With all the money that has been spent at the Bridge since their fortune changing take-over, something just feels suspect in the way Chelsea go about their business. Fair enough it’s reasonable, practical, and often very effective – but that way of thinking ultimately doesn’t amount to much if fans across the board aren’t being entertained.


The current Blues outfit of 2014/15 therefore can’t match some of the previous Premier League winning teams of old, namely Arsene Wenger’s ‘invincibles’ all the way back in the early 2000’s.


Having said that though, Chelsea fans throughout the country will likely care very little about what the rest of us have to say on their team and the way they go about their business – so put in no uncertain terms – this season has nevertheless been a great success for the Stamford Bridge faithful and Jose Mourinho’s star-studded side, regardless of how well they’ll go down in history.  

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