David Luiz – Still a Chelsea Hero or now Playing the Villain?

When the curly haired Brazilian first started making a name for himself at Chelsea – after costing the Blues in the region of £21 million from Benfica back in 2011 – David Luiz was seemingly on course to becoming a solid cult hero down at Stamford Bridge.


He initially had everything going for him – with his traditionally South American ability to score amazing goals from miles out, a brash yet partially effective style in the heart of his team’s defence, as well as a truly captivating character that seemed to entertain the wider footballing community at ease. Whether it be for his exploits on the pitch or merely just his ‘Sideshow Bob’ styled image, the 27-year-old centre-back was a big name in England during his stint in the Premier League.


However, after a series of questionable performances for the Blues, a subsequent disaster of a World Cup campaign over the summer, and an obscenely ambitious £50 million move to Ligue 1 giants PSG – David Luiz doesn’t exactly hold the same status he once did at the Bridge.


In light of such developments, is the wild Brazilian still well received by the majority of Chelsea fans, or has the current PSG centre-back now playing the villain for his former employers in his new life away from English football?


After Chelsea’s unceremonious Champions League exit to PSG earlier this season, it would seem that David Luiz is definitely no longer a hero down at Stamford Bridge. He has somewhat transcended from a lovable character and loyal servant to a frustratingly placed spanner in the works for Mourinho and his current Chelsea side.


The former Benfica man not only suggested that his ex-boss isn’t quite worthy of the ‘Special One’ status that he widely receives, but David Luiz also made it pretty clear where his loyalties truly lie when he celebrated his equaliser against the Blues last month. His behaviour was in no way muted, the joy of scoring against Chelsea was present for all to see – and although very few would attribute any negativity to Luiz for celebrating such an important goal – his actions nevertheless signalled a somewhat end to his cult status at Stamford Bridge.


Such an outcome is all part and parcel of the modern game however. Players move on, teams get better, and partnerships that once seemed so strong and unbreakable inevitably dissolve in the end. Chelsea however, should feel little bitterness over the whole affair.


Yes, David Luiz may have caused the Stamford Bridge faithful their fair share of stress of late – but it is important for Blues fans to remember that their club received close to £50 million for a player, who in reality, is worth nowhere near that much.


The Brazilian’s performances in the World Cup harshly highlighted to the rest of the world that David Luiz is simply one of the most over-hyped players of his era. His breath-taking shooting ability and off-the-pitch character certainly hold him in good stead, but ultimately the 27-year-old just isn’t that good a defender.


He often proves to be a liability at the back, costing his respective teams with a distinct lack of composure and sometimes crossing the line when it comes to foul play. Receiving as much as Chelsea did for such a player therefore goes down as one of the best bits of business the Premier League has seen in a long time – even if it does point the overall future of the game in a somewhat concerning direction.


Nevertheless, despite David Luiz now playing the villain for many Chelsea fans across the nation, the Blues should still feel happy enough with the fact that their club has emerged from of this whole affair in a particularly positive light with all things considered.  


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