Do Manchester United have what it takes to win the Premier League title next season?

This time last year, Louis van Gaal and his determined Manchester United outfit were spending some pretty hefty sums in the transfer window, continuously speaking of a new Galacticos-like era that would soon reign over the club, and also guaranteeing their global fan-base that the next season was going to be a great deal more exciting and successful than the previous campaign.


Whilst a great deal has certainly taken place at Old Trafford since the summer of 2014, the Red Devils are nonetheless approaching the 2015/16 campaign via a very similar approach. It seems the word ‘transition’ remains the most apt in describing Manchester United’s recent fate, despite the club’s continued attempts to regain their lofty status among Europe’s finest outfits.


Perhaps Louis van Gaal’s appointment at Old Trafford may turn out to be more of a gamble than many first expected, and several of his marquee signing across this summer and the last could ultimately fail to live up to the grand expectations that have already been placed upon them – but even if the new season doesn’t deliver the success that United fans from far and wide are readily expecting – 2015/16 will nonetheless prove a massive campaign for the club.


One way or another, the new domestic/European term could potentially serve to make or break Manchester United, and set them on a further course of action that will define the Red Devils’ upcoming history whether their fans agree to it or not. With the amount of money LVG has been splashing out late, the club’s future is seemingly far from certain…


So then, as the 2015/16 campaign is already fast approaching for the notorious Premier League club, just what will the new season ultimately have in store for the ever ambitious and daring, Manchester United?


Well for one thing, overall improvement must be the aim for Louis van Gaal and his star-studded outfit looking forward. Despite clearly providing the Old Trafford faithful with a much more enjoyable league campaign than the effort mustered up under David Moyes’ reign with the Red Devils, Manchester United still fell short of giving a full account of themselves throughout the entire 2014/15 season.


Their defence simply looked too weak when compared to the old United back-lines of old, and considering how much was spent at Old Trafford during the summer of 2014, such a concerning notion remains a pretty disappointing one to say the very least.


The Red Devils also looked somewhat lacking in ideas up-top despite the club’s obvious investment in their striking department. With the likes of Radamel Falcao and Angel Di Maria failing to justify their hefty price-tags and wage demands last season, something clearly wasn’t going as well as hoped for behind the scenes at Manchester United.


However, with the recent signings of young Dutch superstar, Memphis Depay, reliable World Cup winner, Bastian Schweinsteiger, former Southampton favourite, Morgan Schneiderlin, emerging Serie A up-and-comer, Matteo Darmian, and first choice keeper for the Argentinean national side, Sergio Romero – Louis van Gaal has certainly bolstered his ranks ahead of the new season, especially with the advent of playing Champions League football next term.  


If the aforementioned talents can settle in at Old Trafford relatively quickly and hit the ground running in the Premier League, then Manchester United will undoubtedly be a forced to be reckoned with – not just among the top-four – but for the Premier League title itself. Such a notion involves a great deal of good fortune though, which as the Red Devils already know by now, doesn’t always make itself apparent in the realm of big money signings.


Louis van Gaal nonetheless resides over a pretty strong squad ahead of the 2015/16 season, which with perhaps just one or two more new additions, could turn out to be the best looking team – on paper – across the entire Premier League. However, without the likes of Angel Di Maria, and more importantly, David de Gea among the United ranks next term, LVG’s squad ultimately doesn’t have the same affect.


Both stars are growing increasingly likely to join both PSG and Real Madrid respectively, which would likely damage the atmosphere in and around Old Trafford in the run up to the new campaign.


If Manchester United fail to adequately replace both players before the summer runs out, then 2015/16 could ultimately prove a truly testing season for Louis van Gaal and the Old Trafford faithful.


Without an improved defence and more overall team chemistry within their ranks next term, the Red Devils will likely fall short of their requirements once again and aim to deliver in the following season as opposed to this one. There is therefore still a great deal of work to be done at Old Trafford, before Manchester United fans can truly look forward to their future. 

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