Does Raheem Sterling deserve the backlash for turning down £100,000 a week?

During his brief, yet rather eventful few years in the Premier League, Raheem Sterling has been given widespread praise for his talents out on the pitch.


 At the mere age of 20-years-old, the attacking front-man has not only established himself has an integral member of Brendan Rodgers’ current Liverpool side, but also as one of the more high profile contributors to the England national team as well.


So, when the Anfield youngster first revealed that he had turned down a new £100,000 a week contract that had recently been offered up by the Liverpool bosses, it was a decision that certainly captivated the attention of the English footballing community – but perhaps more specifically – that of Reds fans themselves.


Whilst the Jamaican-born England international has certainly won many supporters over with his performances for Liverpool in the past few seasons, this latest turn of events has raised a certain amount of suspicion over where the player’s head is really at, and where his loyalties really lie.


However, as the no. 31 is just another player trying to make a name for himself in the modern game – should Raheem Sterling be allowed to make such a decision without the immediately negative response from the media and fans alike, or does he really deserve the backlash for turning down such an incredible amount of money on the table?


One thing that has to be considered within this whole debate, is the fact that Sterling is old enough to make his own decisions without the rest of the country seemingly analysing every part of the thought process and criticising him accordingly. That is what would take place in most walks of life at least.


As this is the ever-captivating sport of football we are talking about though, players simply can’t operate with such a luxury. The game simply means too much to too many people for something as dramatic as this story to go unnoticed.


It would be fair to suggest that Liverpool fans would ultimately want Raheem Sterling to stay at their club. Even if he has been slightly over-hyped so far in his career, he still offers a great deal going forward into the future – but as the player himself has publically questioned the direction of the Reds by turning down such an offer – certain irreversible revelations have been thrown out there for Liverpool fans to dwell upon.


Sterling definitely seems like he’ll be a top player, that much is certain. He has a confidence going forward that just isn’t matched by most youngsters in the modern game. He can beat some of the Premier League’s best defenders at ease and score some pretty great goals as a result, and with just a little more hard work applied in the near future, the promising star will only get better throughout his career.


In addition, the no. 31 has already claimed that this latest dispute has nothing to do about money, instead eluding to the fact that without the offer of Champions League football on the table next season, the Reds simply aren’t in the strongest negotiating position. Yet because the turning down of £100,000 a week makes very readable headlines in the modern era, this saga will inevitably boil down to money whether it was intended to or not.


Having said that though, perhaps Raheem Sterling is guilty of a worse crime than merely being greedy throughout all this. In turning down Brendan Rodgers’ side, the 20-year-old has somewhat discredited the ambition of Liverpool Football Club. This is one of England’s most historically successful clubs plying their trade at the top level after all, so such a dramatic assumption does seem a little naïve to say the least – especially from a player, who with all due respect, has only been on the scene for a few seasons at the very most.


Sterling wouldn’t make the German or Spanish national team any time soon, and he really isn’t gifted with an all-round perfect game at the moment, so perhaps a degree of perspective must be employed by everyone involved here before things get further out of hand.


However, as no final word has been given on the future of the Anfield man with still five games of the 2014/15 campaign left to be played, maybe Raheem Sterling is just trying to make sure he makes the right call in what could be the biggest decision of his career, you can bet on the remainder of our Liverpool Premier League betting predictions and tips with our match previews and tips. 


Time will seemingly have to tell on this one…

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