Play FanTeam’s FPL Second Chance Season Game for FREE – £100,000 Prize Pool and a FREE Entry for Thatsagoal Readers

FanTeam get free ticket for Second Chance

FanTeam are the home of Fantasy Sport contests and they have launched a Premier League Fantasy Football game for the second half of the Premier League season, which is free to play for verified accounts (usually £10).

If you are having a nightmare in your current FPL paid games then this could be the prefect opportunity for you to regain some pride, and win a big cash prize.

FanTeam’s second chance game has a top prize of £20,000 and the top 4000 players win a cash prize at the end of the season. If you are already a FanTeam account holder you will see the free ticket in your account or if you’ve never used FanTeam before, you can sign-up using this link and you will get the £10 ticket credited on your account.

FanTeam second chance free to play


Is there a FanTeam Sign-up Bonus?

Yes. If you want to get a sign-up bonus as well as the free ticket to enter the Second Chance game for free, you can get their bet £20 get £20 sign-up bonus for a football bet. This is available on this special FanTeam link or using the button below.

If you bet £20 you get a £20 free bet added to your account, win or lose. As well as the £10 free ticket play for the Premier League Second Chance game.

No Sign-up Bonus Available

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How to play FanTeam Second Chance Game for Free

Sign-in to your FanTeam account or click this link to open a free account

Fill in your details

Click on the FREE button next to the £100,000 SECOND CHANCE SEASON GAME

Pick your team and click ‘Enter Tournament’

FanTeam Second Chance how to play


Where is my FanTeam Second Chance Free Ticket?

All verified accounts will be sent a ticket automatically. Enter our tournament lobby and there will be a ‘free entry’ on the Second Chance Season Game entry tab. You can also find it by going into Cashier/Tournament tickets.

If you want to enter more than one team, each extra team you enter will cost you £10.

Once you go to pick your team you will see the free entry button in the top right hand corner.

FanTeam second chance


FanTeam Second Chance Game Prizes

The top prize for this game is £20,000 cash.

Second place wins £7,500, third gets £2,500, fourth £1,750 and fifth £1,000.

The prizes then filter all the way down to £5 for finishing between 3001st and 4000th in the Second Chance game.

Finishing in the top 100 bags you £50 or more and the top 1000 gets you £20 or more.

You can see the full list of prizes for this free-to-play game below.

FanTeam second chance game prizes


FanTeam Second Chance Points Scoring System

The scoring system on FanTeam is similar to that of FPL but not the same. There are more ways for a player to earn points when it comes to FanTeam’s Fantasy Football game though, such as shots on target and per goalkeeper save rather than after x amount of saves like on FPL.

You also get a bonus point if your player plays the entire match, on top of the traditional point for up to 60 minutes and point for over 60 minutes.

There is also a 0.3 bonus point if your players team win while he is on the pitch. For example, if your played comes on at halftime and his team win the second half, you get an additional 0.3pts added to your total.

With the Fanteam Season Second Chance free to play game only being made up of a squad of 11 players rather than 15, it is important to try and pick the players who will play the most minutes as well as picking up points for goals, clean sheets, assists etc.

FanTeam points scoring second chance


How to get Free Entry to FanTeam Second Chance Game

If you need to register at FanTeam, you can use this special link to unlock a free £20 bet AS WELL as the free ticket for the Second Chance game. Otherwise, you just need to log in to your FanTeam account and go to the cashier section and then Tournament tickets.

Fancy having a go on a bet with FanTeam as well? CLAIM THIS £20 FREE BET!

FanTeam free bet £20

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