Is Edin Hazard the most Over-rated Player in the World?

Upon recently signing a new deal with the Blues to keep him at Stamford Bridge at least for the foreseeable future, Eden Hazard largely goes down as one of the most coveted, talked about and desired players across the ranks of the Premier League at the moment.


The Belgian international is constantly being touted as one of the best stars of his era, with an even brighter future for the 24-year-old still likely to be on the cards if he keeps his head above water. His time at Chelsea has simply been a profitable period for everyone involved with the club.


However, it seems these days no matter how widely praised a player may be within the wider footballing community, there are always those who see things from a different, and perhaps a more realistic angle with Dawrin Nunez’s odds for Premier League top scorer sure to get attention.


Despite Eden Hazard recording 11 goals and 7 assists so far this season – a tally certainly worthy of its acclaim – is he actually one of the most overrated talents to grace the Premier League, and is the attacking-midfielder really just an a ‘good player’ rather than the world class asset that he is constantly made out to be?


The verdict may come in a much murkier form than most would have expected…


Firstly however, no one could accuse the ever-rising no. 10 of being lack-lustre or poor by any stretch of the imagination. He brings with him a certain grace than most of his counterparts simply can’t match, an awareness across the pitch to link up with his teammates in a truly efficient style, as well as an all-encompassing ability to dictate proceedings out on the pitch when things are really going the Belgian’s way.


Eden Hazard therefore goes down as a very effective player, yet claims that he has been somewhat over-hyped during his stint in the Premier League aren’t exactly wide of the mark either.


For all the hype and sensation that seems to surround the Chelsea man on a week-to-week basis, the tricky forward must be noted as one of the most frequent divers throughout this Premier League season. The former Ligue 1 winner has it in him to beat defenders at ease – but as he seems to go down at any given opportunity with even the slightest touch – suspicions over his true overall ability must at least be thrown into question.


Hazard is also not quite as effective as many within today’s game make him out to be. His primary impact on the pitch seems to be his ability to draw fouls – which whilst sometimes being more than warranted from the player’s point of view – don’t exactly shine Hazard’s actual game plan in the strongest of lights. Surely a player of his supposed talents should be able to rise above the desire to draw the foul and stay on his feet whenever possible? That doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment.


The former Lille man has faced further critics for failing to turn up in some of the bigger games this season – see Chelsea’s recent Champions League exit to PSG as an example – and simply failing to make any form of meaningful impact whatsoever in his nation’s World Cup campaign in Brazil last summer.


However, even with such a magnitude of evidence on board for the Hazard critics, the player himself still invariably shines above most of his contemporaries in the modern game, not just in the Premier League alone, but also across the rest of Europe as well.


The stats simply done lie when it comes to Eden Hazard, and Chelsea wouldn’t be sitting pretty at the top of the league without his contribution – it really is as simple as that.


That said, those who place the Belgian superstar in the same category as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo just haven’t come to the most realistic conclusion. Yes Eden Hazard is certainly a star, but a few important aforementioned aspects of his game are still seemingly holding the player back from becoming a real great – and for that reason alone – the jury still remains out on whether or not the Chelsea favourite can go down as a truly world class player.


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