Is Erik Lamela on his last life at White Hart Lane this season?

Despite once being rated one of the standout youngsters of his generation, representing his country on the international stage on various occasions and somehow costing his current employers in the region of £25 million back in the summer of 2013 – Erik Lamela has so far completely failed to deliver the goods at White Hart Lane.


Tottenham Hotspur fans just haven’t seen the best of their marquee Argentinean since the 23-year-old attacker signed from Roma just a few short summers ago. For one reason or another, the former Serie A favourite has looked nothing like the player most had expected to witness upon his introduction into the Premier League.


So then, although the South American winger could potentially be on his way from the English game before the culmination of the summer transfer window, is Erik Lamela ultimately on his last life at White Hart Lane this season?


The signs would certainly seem to suggest so therefore get online betting welcome offers and bet on Tottenham to finish in the top 4 this season. The thing with Lamela is that all the potential looks like it’s justifiably in place, but the player himself simply needs to show it at White Hart Lane for a consistent enough period of time. As of yet, the one-time River Plater academy graduate has categorically failed to achieve such a notion.


Although he scored that now relatively famous rabona flick goal in the Europa League for Tottenham last October, Erik Lamela has so far shown himself to be little more than a ‘wanna-be trickster’ with the ball at his feet. When it comes to producing anything of any real substance, the former Roma man has only disappointed thus far.


It simply seems as if the Premier League may be a cut above someone of his overall skill-set. He has looked distinctly unable to match the physical requirements of the English game, his effectiveness in front of goal has been dire to say the lest – yet perhaps most importantly of all – Erik Lamela’s influence on a week-to-week basis has been so non-existent, sometimes it’s easy to forget he even still plays for Tottenham.


However, perhaps Spurs as a club must also take their fair share of the blame in this instance. Lamela was signed during the shortly lived reign of Andre Villas-Boas at White Hart Lane and has subsequently had to prove himself under two successive managers. He was also brought to the club among a whole host of other untested foreign stars, with many of which also failing to prove themselves in North London as of yet.


The recently departed, Roberto Soldado, didn’t exactly manage to set the world alight after his big money move to Spurs that same very summer either…


Erik Lamela may have therefore been somewhat restricted by such testing circumstances when he first joined up with the Premier League – but that simply doesn’t excuse his most recent performances in a Tottenham Hotspur shirt of course. In light of such a disappointment, the Argentinean international really can’t extend the branch of blame too far outside the realm of his own responsibility.


Based on his so far unsuccessful stint in the English top-flight, we can only assume that Daniel Levy wasted a whole chunk of the Gareth Bale money on a player who simply looks incapable of cutting it at his club. For a cool £25 million back in the summer of 2013, it seems Tottenham ultimately landed themselves a potential asset who looks like he could certainly do the business of paper, yet someone seemingly nowhere near worthy of such a promising reputation in reality.


With all things considered, this is truly Erik Lamela’s last chance to turn things around with Spurs and finally start doing the White Hart Lane faithful proud for a refreshing change. It remains somewhat difficult to imagine any other top European clubs seeing fit to offer the Argentinean attacker a new stage to perform on this term, despite the reported interest from both Juventus and FC Porto.


In any case, should the struggling 23-year-old still be operating in the Premier League throughout the 2015/16 campaign, this is ultimately Lamela’s last opportunity to justify his current position with Tottenham Hotspur and eventually restore his promising reputation back among Europe’s finest.

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