Is this current Arsenal benchwarmer destined to thrive at Everton?

Arsenal fans are often some of the most opinionated football supporters among the English top-flight, especially when it comes to the first-team crop of players currently operating under Arsene Wenger’s reign.


From Olivier Giroud and his perennially polarizing status among the Emirates faithful, to Mesut Ozil’s perceived lack of effort when the going gets tough, and Alexis Sanchez’ ever in doubt long-term future down in North London – Gunners fans always have something to say about their club.



When it comes to the subject of Theo Walcott and his potentially imminent exit from the Gunners, Arsenal fans are simply no different. The young kid once destined to take the English game by storm is seemingly set to leave the Emirates for good this January.


With Sam Allardyce and Everton reportedly interested in the striker’s services, Walcott’s Arsenal future remains more uncertain than ever. Would the former England striker prove an overwhelming success at Goodison, or should the 28-year-old look elsewhere in his quest to firmly reignite his flailing top-flight career?



In the eyes of many Gunners fans, Walcott will seemingly always go down as something of a wasted venture at their club. He may have scored his fair share of goals over the years for Arsenal, but his overall failure to set the Emirates alight can’t help but feel somewhat disappointing within the grand scheme of things.


Yes, he still represents something of a useful player, yet it’s that real lack of cutting edge and genuine world class quality that seems to define Walcott’s once exciting career in North London. When all is said and done, perhaps the former England international ought to have left the Emirates quite some time ago.



With an upcoming move to Goodison Park seemingly on the cards this January however, it seems as if the frontman could finally be in for some much needed regeneration within his top-flight career. Among a setting such as Everton, with fresh goals to conquer and a brand new fan-base to impress, a renewed opportunity is certainly on the cards for Arsenal’s forgotten man.


Everton have been suffering from glaring deficiencies in the pace department this season. It has been clear for most Premier League onlookers to witness and behold, especially within the club’s oft-criticised striking contingency.


The Toffees simply failed to replace the outgoing Romelu Lukaku last summer, and whilst Theo Walcott by no means represents an out-in-out alternative to the big Belgian striker, at least he offers some newfound dynamism for Allardyce to potentially consider at Goodison.



Walcott looks to be finished at Arsenal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he no longer has anything to offer among the Premier League as a whole. Alongside the rest of the Toffees first-team squad, with the spotlight not fixated with quite the same intensity as it is at Emirates, the potential for Walcott to thrive becomes all the more possible.


He may not have lived up to the lofty heights many once expected of the former Southampton graduate, yet with a little faith and newly established confidence on his side, Walcott arguably has what it takes to excite the English game one last time.



But whilst the 28-year-old Englishman has seemingly been crying out for another opportunity to prove his worth within the Premier League, perhaps Everton – and namely Sam Allardyce – simply fail to represent the right kind of fit for Walcott. Big Sam has hardly proved efficient at getting the best out of such likeminded players in the past of course.


Although the proposed image of Theo Walcott plying his trade in an Everton shirt seems somewhat applicable on the surface, in reality, Allardyce is more likely to use the current Arsenal benchwarmer as either an ineffective wide-man not quite specialised enough to play out on the flanks, or an isolated centre-forward unlikely to be involved for large spells of each respective match.



Perhaps then Theo Walcott should consider another route away from his ongoing situation in North London. With former club Southampton currently hoping for some much needed striking impetus throughout the latest winter window, the ideal January transfer may have been residing right beneath the striker’s nose this whole time…

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