Jose Mourinho vs. Eva Carneiro – Who was really in the wrong?

In the ever-competitive world of modern day Premier League football, it’s pretty rare for a team’s medical doctor to be making the head-lines over the players out on the pitch. That however, seems to be exactly what has taken place at Stamford Bridge in recent weeks.


The tussle between the notoriously passionate, Jose Mourinho, and the usual first team Blues physio, Eva Carneiro, has somehow spilled over into a rather confusing affair that has its roots in Chelsea’s opening day draw at the hands of Swansea City.


Whilst such seemingly trivial touch-line arguments normally amount to little more than what actually took place in the heat of the moment, this particular incident has subsequently seen Eva Carneiro dropped from her position on the bench thanks to Mourinho’s complaints.


So then, although this story doesn’t quite seem worthy of everyone’s attention ahead of the new 2015/16 season, just who was ultimately in the wrong here – the Chelsea manager himself, or simply his medical staff?


Well, the notion of dropping both Eva Carneiro and fellow Blues physio John Fearn for the club’s embarrassing loss to Manchester City last time out, certainly didn’t shine Chelsea Football Club in the most positive light possible. This is supposed to be a team filled with star-studded talents who know how to get the job done – yet as has been clearly displayed throughout this whole affair – this side aren’t as special as everybody makes them out to be in the cold light of day.


It may seem easy to take the side of Dr. Carneiro in this instance, for she is certainly the underdog when compared to Mourinho. She is the seeming ‘damsel in distress’ throughout it all, acting as one of the only significant female physios currently operating in the Premier League. Hers is therefore a cause that many would seek to defend readily, especially as Mourinho’s controversial characteristics paint him out to be a thorn in the side of many non-Chelsea fans commenting on the situation.


However, seeing as the current Blues boss is supposed to be one of the standout managers in world football at the moment, it ultimately seems wrong to back Mourinho himself in this case. A truly successful and efficient manager simply wouldn’t seek to blame his medical staff for putting his side in a vulnerable position out on the pitch. If Chelsea fans truly took the honest path within this whole debate, they would ultimately have feel the same.


Having said that though, Jose Mourinho’s position itself remains somewhat understandable with all things considered. Premier League football acts as an extremely high pressure situation after all and the latest welcome offers let you bet on the top flight. No one wants their team to lose especially on the opening day of the season, so if anyone from your own club’s backroom staff were to inadvertently hinder the team’s situation out on the pitch – the frustration would be evident.


Mourinho’s continued course of punishment against both Dr. Carneiro and Dr. Fearn is nothing less than ridiculous however. The widely admired boss at Stamford Bridge has shown himself to be a very petulant man throughout this whole affair by continuing to push the case against his physios, further damaging the reputation of football in general as a sport rooted on childish beliefs and maintain by stubborn characters.


Yet even though the current Chelsea manager seemingly has to take the lion’s share of the blame in this instance, perhaps another – so far unmentioned figure – actually could have stopped such a situation from ever occurring in the first place. In other words, if Chelsea’s quick-footed poster boy – Eden Hazard – had been somewhat stronger and less inclined to hit the deck like someone had shot him from the stands against Swansea, Eva Carneira and co. may still have a job to call their own at the club.


The likes of Eden Hazard, who certainly isn’t the only offender, simply provide the sport of football with too many simulated dives and feigned injuries to be issued with the apparent respect their actual ability with the ball deserves. When Chelsea players go down seemingly with tears in their eyes and pain in their hearts – Jose Mourinho ultimately can’t blame his medics for believing they have treatment to do.


It’s their job after all Jose – so in this somewhat complex and confusing affair – you and your players are the ones to blame for the team’s shortcomings out on the pitch, not your medics!

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