Liverpool FC Announce Two Potential Victory Parades for Premier League and Champions League Wins

Liverpool Klopp

Liverpool Football Club have announced two potential victory parades if they win the Premier League and/or Champions League this season, despite not having their hands on either trophy yet.

The Premier League title will be decided on Sunday afternoon, where Liverpool need to rely on Brighton to win win or draw against Manchester City, and Liverpool themselves need to beat Wolves at Anfield.

The Champions League final opponents were decided last night, and Liverpool will face fellow Premier League side Tottenham in the final in Madrid, on Saturday 1st June.


When will Liverpool’s Premier League victory parade be?

If Liverpool win the Premier League title on Sunday, Liverpool Council have confirmed that the victory parade will take place on Monday 13th May, starting at 4pm.

The route would start at Allerton Maze and travel through the city before ending on Blundell Street.

Harry Kane hopes he will be fit to play Liverpool in the Champions League final.

Liverpool victory parade route


When will the Liverpool Champions League victory parade be?

The Champions League final takes place in Madrid on Saturday 1st June, and the Liverpool victory parade is scheduled for Sunday 2nd June at 4pm. Can Liverpool win the final? See our Tottenham vs Liverpool preview to see what our tipster thinks.

Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, said: “Whichever team you support, there is no doubting the positive impact sporting success for each of our clubs has on the city, not just economically but also in terms of a feel-good factor.

“It rightly generates huge pride and attracts massive international attention.

“If the Reds win one or two trophies, they will receive a well-deserved heroes’ welcome and we will put on a show to make the city proud.”

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