Loyalty & Football: Where have all the good times gone?

Loyalty & Football: Where have all the good times gone?

Claudio Ranieri’s recent departure from the King Power Stadium was one that sent shockwaves throughout the rest of the English top-flight in its entirety. Few could quite believe that the Foxes would ever be so bold as to sack the very manager that lead them all the way to Premier League glory – an incredible feat that even fewer saw coming.


Although top-flight outfits can seemingly no longer count upon mere sentiment and well-wishes alone, Leicester City’s decision to sack Claudio Ranieri nonetheless spoke volumes about the current lack of loyalty within the modern game.



Had the Foxes just about survived relegation by the skin of their teeth last term, Ranieri could have still likely seen himself well within the job right in the here and now. His triumphs of last season served to warp certain expectations in and around the King Power Stadium, resulting in the well-seasoned Italian tactician eventually losing his role at Leicester City less than one whole season after delivering the title.


Whichever way you look at it, modern football looks to have gone somewhat mad with this latest headline making departure. Many Leicester City supporters – and regular Premier League onlookers alike for that matter – believe Ranieri has been so poorly treated by the King Power hierarchy of late, such a revelation is almost beyond a joke by now.


Although the Foxes are admittedly fighting it out among a relegation dog-fight at this particular stage of the season, the 2016/17 campaign was always going to prove one of great upheaval one way or another. Matching the expectations brought about by the previous campaign, whilst also simultaneously staking their claim among the Champions League knock-out stages – certainly seems a task easier said than done within the grand scheme of things.


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In the eyes of some, the Leicester City owners should be erecting statues of their former leader outside the King Power Stadium, instead of leaving Claudio Ranieri high and dry right when it seemingly mattered most. The Foxes have subsequently lost a great deal of favour outside the realms of their reasonably well-stocked fan-base.


As the former Stamford Bridge boss has now parted company with the current Premier League title-holders for good this month however, it remains to be seen whether or not Leicester City really have what it takes to maintain their top-flight status come the final culmination of the 2016/17 campaign…


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