Paul Ince Caught on Camera Calling Chris Sutton a Wanker

On the BT Sport Early Morning Football Show this weekend, Paul Ince was spotted making an inappropriate hand gesture to Chris Sutton, forcing BT Sport to apologise to it’s viewers.

The paid had been disagreeing on a number of points including Manchester United’s attack, a Manchester United vs Liverpool debate, Paul Pogba and the Bale and Zidane Real Madrid debate.

When Chris Sutton butted in over Paul Ince, Ince dismissed the former striker by saying “he asked me the question not you”, the debate continues for a couple of minutes and you can see the clip below:


Video of Paul Ince calling Chris Sutton a Wanker

Following the heated debate, the camera cut to a break but before that, back to the sofa where Ince, Sutton and Peter Crouch were sat, you can clearly see Paul Ince pointing at Sutton and making the ‘wanker’ hand gesture in his direction.

After the break, BT Sport apologised to its viewers if anybody had seen a “certain rude gesture”.

BT Sport pundits have a history of being caught out off-camera, back in 2013, David Ginola was spotted branding host Jake Humpries a wanker behind his back during a live broadcast with Owen Hargreaves and Steve McManaman.

On that occasion, BT Sport issued the following apology: “BT Sport would like to apologise for any offence that was caused during this morning’s/Saturday’s broadcast. David Ginola apologised straight afterward as he realised this was an inappropriate action.”

Here’s another angle of the gesture:


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