QPR’s Rob Green – A season of vast improvement or further disappointment?

To merely say that Queens Park Rangers have had a difficult time since their return to the Premier League at the start of the season, would be a statement certainly putting it lightly for the ever determined West Londoners.


Chris Ramsey’s side have flirted with the threat of relegation all season long, they have had to wave goodbye to former coach Harry Redknapp – and as very few new additions were sourced in the January transfer window – the Hoops have seemingly had to make do with what they already have throughout the 2014/15 campaign.


Rightly or wrongly, much of the fallout of QPR’s struggles this season has seen the spotlight cast itself rather unforgivingly over the former West Ham and Norwich shot-stopper, Rob Green. The 35-year-old may have made some impressive saves across the duration of the current campaign, but he has once again been subject to a series of high profile mistakes that have unfortunately cost his team some serious points this season.


So with everything taken into account regarding the English keeper, has this merely been another term of further disappointment for the QPR man between the sticks, or has Rob Green actually paid witness to a season of vast improvement this year?


The debate certainly arrives as an interesting one at that…


The former Upton Park favourite began his Premier League career largely under the radar before he gained the attention of the England national side. He’d be a big reason why we would add QPR to our bet365 bet builder betting tips too. He seemingly made a name for himself as a great shot-stopper, whose reaction saves gave him a huge advantage when it came to one-on-one scenarios, as well as allowing him to pull off some pretty miraculous stops from the penalty spot when called upon.


He therefore has to go down as someone capable of plying their trade in the top flight, with this season definitely acting as no exception. For parts of the current campaign, Rob Green has been in fine form for QPR and has led the charge all the way from his goal-line. Admittedly the Hoops have hardly raised much of a smile on their fan’s faces in 2014/15 – but as it remains hard to impressive whilst playing for teams nearer the bottom of the table – the 35-year-old’s strong performances shouldn’t go completely unnoticed this term.


In the grand scheme of things Green has, on occasion, been a standout performer for his respective managers recently and he has certainly done his best to give his side hope going into the tail-end of the campaign.


2014/15 hasn’t been completely plain sailing for the former England international however, as since his well-documented mistake against the USA in 2010 World Cup, Rob Green has seemingly lacked the confidence that gained him a national call-up in the first place.


Although he has put in several good stints for his side throughout the current campaign, the former West Ham man has simply let certain areas of his game slip in the past few seasons – and that has sadly impacted QPR almost as much as his positive traits have managed to have an influence.


Green hardly ever looks commanding when aerial balls are sent into the box, he all too often fails to come off his goal-line when dealing with such said incidents – and even when he seems to be applying himself at the very top of his game – sometimes his concentrations slips, with QPR subsequently being punished for his ill-timed errors.


Yes, every keeper in the world makes the odd mistake here and there for their team, but ultimately Rob Green has made a few too many this season to pass by unnoticed, time is running out for QPR and you can bet on their remaining matches with the help of our Premier League predictions that come from expert football tipsters.


Having said all of that though, 2014/15 has ultimately been an admirable campaign for the experienced keeper – regardless of whether or not his side happen to get relegation come the culmination of the footballing schedule. Overall he has been worthy of his place in the Premier League this term – and whilst a few mistakes have certainly left their mark on several Hoops fans of late – in the end Rob Green must be credited for his service to QPR this season, and not criticised.


After all, Chris Ramsey’s side would be a lot closer to already being relegated this season if it wasn’t for their opinion splitting man between the sticks, and that should come as an achievement on Greenie’s part more than anything else.


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