Ronaldo vs. Messi – Which of these two El Clasico legends truly represents the better player?

Whilst the world never quite called for yet another Ronaldo vs. Messi comparison if we are all being honest with ourselves, the upcoming El Clasico derby nonetheless presents the perfect opportunity for us to sink our teeth back into the age-old discussion once again.


It simply represents a battle of physicality against technicality, the art of team play alongside sheer individuality alone – and perhaps the greatest celebrity icon the modern game currently has to offer, versus arguably the quietest footballing superstar we’ve ever witnessed in recent memory.


All in all, both players remain fantastic assets when all is said and done. But as the notorious El Clasico derby is waiting just around the corner for worldwide football fans to enjoy this weekend, now would certainly feel like an opportune moment to find out which of the two is really the best – Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?


Well, without wanting to put this particular debate to bed almost as soon it begins, in the end the answer is simple… Messi ultimately has to go down as the superior asset out of the two, for he knows how to shine on his own two feet, whilst also respecting that all-important notion of team play as well. In a sense, the amazingly talented Argentinean arrives as arguably the most impressive individual footballer currently operating in the modern era, as well as the best all-round team player all rolled into one.


Although Cristiano Ronaldo may well have many significant statistics to back his supposed claim as the greatest modern footballer on the planet, football is ultimately played out on the pitch – not on paper of course. The undoubtedly impressive Portuguese international may well look pretty sublime for those watching clips on Youtube and the like, but when the former Manchester United man is closely inspected for the duration of the entire 90 minutes, you’ll notice that Ronaldo’s overall game isn’t exactly free of error.


Quite the opposite actually. Whilst Lionel Messi hardly puts a foot wrong whenever he steps out on the hallowed turf at the Nou Camp, his Real Madrid counterpart often wastes just as many chances as he creates. Although many of Ronaldo’s daring pieces of individual skill justifiably receive a great deal of attention – the under-hit passes that often follow the unnecessary step-overs never seemingly get talked about as much.


His Argentinean counterpart in the Barcelona jersey simply beats his opponents with body-movement alone – seemingly relying upon pure reaction timing than anything else. It may not look quite as good on the adverts, but it’s certainly a tad more effective out on the field. Ronaldo ultimately portrays more of trickster type character, providing companies like Nike with countless showcases of skill to help sell some more brightly coloured boots to the next generation of naïve youngsters…


Lionel Messi is also a far more dignified player truth be told. He very rarely makes a fuss when doing his thing out on the pitch – unlike Ronaldo, whose petulant style often fails to exhibit the team-spirit of the Beuatiful Game. It seems as if players who aren’t willing to play second fiddle to the 30-year-old at Real Madrid, subsequently feel the cold shoulder of the club as a result. Just ask Gareth Bale perhaps…


However, as both Messi and Ronaldo have each won a ridiculous amount of silverware across their respective careers, developed their own thriving fan-bases on the back of their pure footballing ability alone – and clearly represent the two best players currently operating on the world scene – there ultimately isn’t much point in trying to split the two. It all comes down to a matter of opinion after all.


Each player evidently enjoys their own rapidly growing audience – so  maybe this particular discussion can never truly be resolved when everything is duly taken into account. Until one of the two aforementioned stars finally excels on the international scene perhaps, this is a debate that will ultimately go on and on, likely leaving both players with deserved legendary status at the end of the day. 


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