Should Everton be aiming higher than Big Sam Allardyce?

Is Big Sam the right man for the job at Goodison Park?

The 2017/18 campaign has certainly proven a tough one for Everton fans to endure. With Ronald Koeman now gone and Big Sam Allardyce expected to step in and fill the void at Goodison Park, Toffees fans must be wondering what on earth is really going on at their club.


The beginning of the season brought so much hype and expectation in and around the blue half of Merseyside. Yet those dreams of watching Everton defiantly climb the Premier League table have all but evaporated in recent weeks, leaving Big Sam with the task of maintaining the club’s once seemingly guaranteed place within the English top-flight.



Despite coming away victorious against Watford last time out, Everton remain just a few points off the relegation zone with very little to show for themselves domestically. They have struggled for goals all season long, and somehow look a million miles away from the side who took to their Premier League duties with such composure and stability last season.


As for Everton’s ongoing troubles among the Europa League this term – well, perhaps the least said about those, the better. The Toffees have just a single solitary point to their name in Europe, which has come as somewhat of a surprise given the amount of time and attention spent on building the squad over the summer.



Clearly, spending shed-loads of cash on a bunch of seemingly average players is a tactic that just hasn’t adequately paid off. Gylfi Sigurdsson has been far from his best at Everton, Davy Klaassen has been unable to showcase his ability among the English top-flight thus far, and Wayne Rooney just hasn’t had as great an impact upon his return to Goodison Park as fans were hoping for.


Whilst Michael Keane and Jordan Pickford have proven shining lights within a relatively poor side, it seems as if the club have somehow moved backwards despite throwing crazy amounts at their current starting XI.



Perhaps then, this is a situation simply calling out for somebody like Sam Allardyce. The former Crystal Palace, Sunderland, England, West Ham and Bolton Wanderers boss knows what it takes to keep sides fighting among the top flight of English football, so maybe he is exactly what is required down at Goodison Park right about now.


Big Sam would definitely restore some much-needed hope and confidence in and around the Everton fan base. He would wipe away the memory of Ronald Koeman and install a brand new ethos at the club which could ultimately save them from relegation.



But this situation is far from ideal. If Allardyce does in-fact take the job and succeed where Koeman has failed, Everton will basically be resigning themselves to multiple seasons of unattractive football with very few future prospects swimming around the club.


Everyone who has seen an Allardyce side in action knows exactly what to expect from the big man. His style is boring and largely unappealing on the eye, but the level of fight and determination brought about by his influence cannot be discredited.


The club have gone from wanting to break into those all-important Champions League places in bolshie and steadfast fashion, to desperately looking to maintain their top flight status regardless of the sacrifice. A clear backwards step in anybody’s books.



Whilst it remains to be seen whether or not Sam Allardyce could really get the best out of Everton’s newly sourced array of players, this is not a long-term solution for the Toffees.


But within the world of top-flight Premier League football, where no team is safe and everybody’s place is seemingly up for grabs, it seems Everton might have to take one big step backwards in order to finally start heading in the right direction.

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