The Five Best Football Pundits to Follow on Social Media

Football pundits on Twitter

When it comes to betting there are plenty of resources you can use to make the best-informed bets and we always have the best footy pundits predictions each week.

Every weekend it’s well worth looking out for a variety of pundits for their hot takes on the upcoming Premier League and Championship games as well as our fantastic football tips.

Social media is always a good place to find those takes, and Twitter is a hotbed for punditry. But who are the pundits you should be following?


Michael Owen

We’re not following him for his charisma and charm, but Michael Owen has long been doing predictions for BetVictor, and he’s pretty good at them!

The former Liverpool and Real Madrid player puts out predictions across every Premier League matchday as well as international and domestic European competitions such as the Champions League. 

You can find Michael Owen at: @themichaelowen


Jamie Carragher

While Gary Neville is a great pundit to follow if you’re keen on his take on politics, it’s his Monday Night Football partner Jamie Carragher who’s idea for the beautiful game.

He’ll often share his thoughts on games, as well as retweet plenty of MNF videos too, which always provide great analysis and depth, perfect for influencing your bets.

You can find Jamie Carragher at: @Carra23


Mina Rzouki

For anyone looking for insight into Italian football, then Mina Rzouki is an excellent option. Working on a host of news stations covering Serie A, you only have to read her stuff or listen to her as a regular on BBC’s Fighting Talk to understand her knowledge on the game. 

You’ll find her offering up predictions and thoughts ahead of most big Italian games, so she’s always worth looking up, especially if it’s a little quieter when it comes to the UK’s action.

You can find Mina Rzouki at: @minarzouki


Fabrizio Romano

Romano seemed to come from nowhere really but he proves time and time again to be useful when it comes to betting on transfers.

Not a pundit per se, more a journalist, but he suits following for those looking to bet on player moves as he doesn’t often get them wrong, even if the transfers themselves happen a little further down the line.

You can find Fabrizio Romano at: @FabrizioRomano


Ian Wright

Wrighty is always good value and if he isn’t talking sense about what’s happening on the football pitch, he’s slamming Piers Morgan, which we’re always here for.

Great for betting on both men’s and women’s football, the Arsenal legend is well worth a follow both for your betting and the entertainment factor.

You can find Ian Wright at: @IanWright0

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