The stage is all set for Manchester United’s big-money man Paul Pogba…


Before the 2017/18 domestic campaign first got underway this summer, Manchester United’s Paul Pogba was considered something of an over expensive waste of time. In the eyes of some, the widely coveted French international represented little more than a quick-footed showman, with a certain commercial x-factor that somehow surpassed his actual footballing ability.  


Now however, Pogba looks capable of wholeheartedly proving himself as one of the standout players of the entire season down at Old Trafford – but just how has this recent transformation subsequently transpired, and what does the immediate future seemingly hold for the up and coming 24-year-old?



How Matic will help Pogba

Although it’s been stated several times before, Manchester United’s recent acquisition of Nemanja Matic could prove pivotal for Pogba’s fortunes among the upcoming season. With the 29-year-old Serbian international set to hold it down in the middle of the park for Jose Mourinho’s side this term, the club’s £89 million man can now be set free to do what he does best further on up the pitch.


A newfound sense of confidence suddenly emerges within his overall game once Pogba is allowed to break through inside the final third and wreak havoc with the opposition. Here, the former Juventus man can prove sincerely damaging on the attack – forever keeping unknowing defenders on their toes with his excellent long-shot ability and unruly vision all across the park.


This is where Pogba truly comes into his own. He is able to find long-range passes with immaculate ease on more the just the odd occasion, serving Jose Mourinho with arguably the greatest out-in-out ball-player among the entire English top-flight. Although the Frenchman showed glimpses of his class for much of last season, now he is looking more and more effective each and every time he steps out onto the pitch for the Red Devils.




£80 Million Looks like a Bargain for Paul Pogba

Yet aside from the recent introduction of Nemanja Matic among the middle of the park for Manchester United, Pogba’s ongoing journey among the English Premier League has been aided by several other external factors taking place throughout the summer.


When Neymar Jr made his big-money switch to Paris from the Nou Camp this month for almost £200 million, Paul Pogba could finally detach himself from his former status as the most expensive ever player in the whole of world football. Psychologically speaking, such an outcome can only prove a massive positive for the young Frenchman later on down the line.


As Barcelona themselves have also seen fit to splash the cash among this increasingly unpredictable summer transfer window, spending almost €105 million on Dortmund’s Ousmane Dembele in the wake of the widely coveted Neymar departure – Pogba’s respective £89 million price-tag no longer looks quite so ridiculous or obscene within the grand scheme of things.



How Good will Pogba Become?

Although the Frenchman has improved considerably among his second season under Jose Mourinho this term, the 2017/18 Premier League campaign still admittedly resides somewhere within its infant stages. The relevant hype surrounding United’s rapidly emerging midfielder should therefore be treated accordingly.


Maybe some Premier League onlookers still stubbornly hold Paul Pogba in something of an overrated light – yet if Manchester United do in-fact build upon their current potential and successfully re-establish their once untouchable dominance among the English top-flight – then surely it’s only a matter of time before Pogba is in-fact worthy of those great expectations currently weighing down upon his shoulders.


The future really is his to behold.


Paul Pogba Player of the Season Odds

The odds for Pogba to be player of the season have shortened since the start of the season. The Frenchman is now the standout 7/1 favourite to win the accolade – if Manchester United win the title then surely Pogba will be in with a great chance of winning the Premier League Player of the Year award.

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