Three Things For The Three Lions To Do In France Which Doesn’t Revolve Around Football

We don’t wish to be cynical at, but there’s always an inevitability about England in a major tournament. There’s a glimmer of hope, we get overly excited and believe football’s coming home, and then we’re left heartbroken by a penalty shootout, or a moment of madness from one of our own.


And we don’t know about you, but it never gets any easier. So, despite a perfect qualifying campaign, despite the likes of Kane, Vardy, Alli, and the rest exciting us right now, we’re not building our hopes up for France because the one word you should take from this intro is inevitable.


There is zero point in making plans for the Stade de France on July 10, we’ll probably hate football by then. We’ll wish we’d rather be keeping up with the Kardashians, or worse still, the rugby!


But fear not, after years of following mediocrity we have the ideal solution for those heading to France to watch Euro 2016 – three amazing things that don’t involve football!!


If It’s Good Enough For Eric…


Cantona Euro 2016

There’s no doubt about it, Eric Cantona is one of France’s finest exports. But so is Kronenbourg brewed in Strasbourg, one of France’s prettiest cities.


The French are becoming real beer connoisseurs with breweries dotted all over the country, and it’s well worth taking in a tour or simply visiting one of their fantastic brewpubs. have produced a fantastic map of where to visit, so whether you’re disappointed after a mullering in Marseille, a loss in Lens, or a smashing in Saint-Etienne, you’re never far from a decent pint.


Try Your Luck Elsewhere…


Euro 2016 news

Whilst we may have finished bottom of the group, it doesn’t mean you can’t be top of a table elsewhere with Monte Carlo, just a few hours’ drive from Marseille, the home of casino. The Monte Carlo Casino is one of the most glamorous in the world and could not only give you the sort of excitement Hodgson and his boys perhaps won’t, but it could also turn your Euros into a very profitable one indeed.


Even just a walk through Monte Carlo will take you away from the misery of a European Championship knockout, with Ferraris and Rolls Royces lining the streets. It’s the perfect getaway.


Lie Back And Think Of Anything But England…


Euro 2016 England

Let’s face it, as soon as your nation is knocked out of the tournament, the players are going to be lay on a beach soaking up the sun so why shouldn’t you?


France has a whole host of gorgeous beaches, particularly in the south where the likes of Nice, Toulon, and Cannes all lie. So what’s left to do except sit back, relax, and think of anything but football. At least until August and the start of the Premier League anyway…


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