Vinnie Jones says he would have ‘Smashed’ Scott Brown

Vinnie Jones

In Sunday’s Old Firm match between Celtic and Rangers, Scott Brown was up to his usual tricks in winding up the opposition, it ultimately led to two red cards and helped Celtic snatch a late victory.

Former football hardman Vinnie Jones has now had his say on how he would have dealt with the incident which saw Rangers hot head Alfredo Morelos sent off in the first half for elbowing Brown off the ball.


Vinnie Jones Would have ‘Smashed’ Scott Brown

“Brown has tripped him from behind, he’s wound him up and the Rangers lad has lashed out at him.

“He’s either got to wise up, man up and deal with it in a tackle or something else like that, or he’s going to be down the road.

“I would have waited, said ‘alright son’, set one up and then smashed him later on.

“You couldn’t really get away with it when we were playing, but it’s even harder now with all the cameras and everything.

“Wisey [Dennis Wise] was the best at it. He did it in the dressing room and in training.

“He just had this devilment in him. He loved doing it.

“He’d do it on the pitch, too. He’d be talking away to the opposition and winding them up, and he’d look over just to make sure I was near enough to help him out!”


Rangers Manager Accuses Scott Brown of Winding up his Players

Steven Gerrard accused Celtic captain Scott Brown of winding up his Rangers players, and Brown set his sights on striker Morelos from the start. After deliberately tripping up the Colombian when tracking back, Morelos unleashed an elbow right into the face of the Celtic skipper.

He was shown his fifth red card of the season.

Gerrard refused to defend his striker: “I’ve gone above and beyond – I’ve backed Alfredo more than enough and I can’t defend him anymore.”

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