Why can’t Leicester City repeat their heroics of last campaign?

Why can’t Leicester City repeat their heroics of last campaign?

Let’s face it – although very few within the wider English footballing community ever expected little old Leicester City to be anywhere near contention for the Premier League title this time last season – it was always going to prove something of a troublesome task in asking Claudio Ranieri’s team to repeat their surprise heroics of last term without as much as a minor hitch.


The English champions currently linger within the bottom half of the Premier League table right in the here and now of course, just two points off the dreaded relegation zone with over ten domestic fixtures completed thus far. Sure, no one could justifiably accuse Claudio Ranieri’s Foxes of failing to take their European duties seriously in 2016/17, but as Leicester City simply can’t afford to drop back down to the Championship any time soon, surely the league has to take priority in the end.


So then, is it only a matter of time before Leicester begin to impress us all once again among the English top-flight, or was such a significant drop in domestic form always bound to happen in light of last season’s dramatically unforeseen turn of events?



Well, although the Foxes are admittedly struggling to assert their dominance among the Premier League right about now, Leicester City are ultimately far from a club in crisis. They remain particularly well-placed among the Champions League of course, relegation still seems a way off despite the club’s misleading position in the table, and the likes of Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez still represent Leicester City players at least for the foreseeable future.  


Everything went right for Ranieri’s side last season, there is no other way of putting it. Premier League referees were extremely lenient towards the constant shirt-pulling tactics of Robert Huth and Wes Morgan at the back, top-flight officials were also seemingly conned by Jamie Vardy’s tendency to win arguably unfair penalty claims inside the final third, and most other high flying Premier League outfits somehow found themselves collectively struggling for a whole manner of different reasons.


Leicester City also put in a large dose of hard work and impressive performances let’s not forget, but as the 2016/17 season no longer bares all the aforementioned hallmarks of the previous Premier League campaign, it really is no surprise to see the Foxes struggling to repeat their wondrous form of last year this time around. In other words, that all-important surprise factor has simply left the King Power Stadium this term – and Leicester are currently paying for it.


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As Claudio Ranieri’s boys look to be swimming along just fine among the Champions League this season, the King Power faithful will likely find themselves enjoying this current term for what it’s worth. Besides, if there is one team you seemingly can’t write off in the modern era despite admittedly operating in an against all odds fashion – it surely has to be Leicester City!


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