Will Chelsea’s Diego Costa shine once again this season?

When Luis Suarez eventually left the English top-flight last summer and joined up with Luis Enrique’s the ever-formidable Barcelona outfit, his notorious spell as the Premier League’s pantomime villain had finally come to an end – leaving a tempting void to be filled by another would-be renegade of the modern era.


However, as Diego Costa also made his high profile switch to Stamford Bridge that very same summer, the 26-year-old Brazilian-born Spanish international ultimately became the new player we all loved to hate within the English game.


Outside the understandably bias sections of Chelsea supporters seemingly happy with their front-man’s unorthodox approach, the former Atletico Madrid striker unanimously became hated throughout the rest of the Premier League for his transgressions out on the pitch and unnecessary behaviour for his side.  


The front-man had previously spat at his opposition in La Liga, caused unduly commotion off the ball yet out of eye-shot of the officials, and subsequently brought the same un-classy tactics to Stamford Bridge throughout the course of last season. As Chelsea eventually proved a pretty dangerous outfit with the controversial striker leading their line in 2014/15 however, such an approach seemingly payed off for Jose Moruinho’s side in the end.


So then, whilst many within the broader footballing community are expecting the centre-forward to continue producing the goods for the Blues across the upcoming campaign – will Diego Costa ultimately manage to prove just as effective this season as he was in the last?


Well, in the end it’s up to the referees to categorically deal with the Chelsea striker's child-like behaviour should it rear it's ugly head throughout the 2015/16 season. Everyone loves a character within the sport itself, but no one likes a cheat…


Even if most of the Stamford Bridge faithful wouldn’t care to admit it any time soon, most of their no. 19’s success depends on whether or not he is allowed to get away with certain illegal actions out on the pitch. Jose Mourinho would likely complain stubbornly over any harsh treatment of his marquee front-man throughout the course of 2015/16, using his seeming power over the officials to his benefit in post-match interviews and what not – but if the FA nonetheless stand strong in regards to Diego Costa – hopefully the Brazilian’s cheating antics will come to an end sooner rather than later.


It simply doesn’t matter what anyone says in defence of the striker, for no real football fan could ever feel comfortable watching their main striker stamp his way through matches, continuously elbow his opponents when the refs aren’t looking, and diving like a petulant little brat when things aren’t going his way. Those are ultimately the kinds of concepts that are quickly eroding away the gentleman-like fabric that once acted as a key foundation behind the English game.


However, even if the officials finally crack down on Costa’s unsportsmanlike behaviour for Chelsea, the powerful centre-forward is still likely to score a great many goals thanks to his intelligent movement off the ball and deadly nature in the final third. With the likes of Cesc Fabregas and Eden Hazard providing the ammunition for the former Atletico man this term, Mourinho will nonetheless witness the goals fly in once again.


Having said that though, the 26-year-old’s recent injury problems may act as a slight cause for concern for the determined Stamford Bridge faithful this season. Costa was admittedly in and out of the side for large parts of the 2014/15 campaign, yet nevertheless still managed to do well – but whether or not such fitness concerns are fully behind the Spanish international going into the new term remains very much up for debate…


Now that the majority of Premier League defences have at least some experience of playing against the notorious front-man in the English top-flight however, perhaps Chelsea’s main man in the striking department may come unstuck sooner than most expect this season. A lot of foreign imports initially start out in the English game in very impressive style – but once they get found out by the league’s hardened defences and determined ball-winners – the honey-moon period inevitably falls by the wayside eventually.


So then, whilst the 2015/16 campaign will still likely produce several goals for the dangerous target-man this term, expect Diego Costa to nonetheless find life in the Premier League that little bit harder as the new season begins to play out. 

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