Will Luis Suarez lead Barca to Champions League victory this season?

Football fans simply have to go down as some of the most fickle supporters the world of sport has to offer.


Regardless of how dishonest, shameless, and perhaps even immoral, certain players have proven to be in the past – if they can continue to do the business for their side at the highest level – old habits are seemingly cast aside in favour of the joy that their current game brings to the world of football.


Luiz Suarez therefore has to go down as the prime example to have this polarizing affect in the modern game. You can either have a relaxed approach regarding his past wrong-doings and concentrate merely on his job out on the pitch, or you simply can’t forgive him for letting down the sport of football in general and shrugging off his place as one of modern society’s role models.


Whatever your opinion of the notorious Uruguayan striker however, the entire footballing community is pretty much unanimous when it comes to Suarez’ value as a player. He is simply one of the world’s very best and you can see the rest of his Barcelona games in the Champions League with our Champions League predictions to help you place your bets on the matches.


In light of such a notion then, just how good is the former Liverpool man in today’s game, and will he ultimately prove vital in leading Barcelona to further Champions League glory come the end of the season?


Despite the fact that the La Liga striker has been caught biting his opposition of three separate accounts, disregarding the high profile racism claim that was pointed in the player’s direction by Patrice Evra back in 2011, and completely throwing out the window each of his dives and unjust penalty claims throughout his controversial career – people just seem to love Luis Suarez for his continued talent out on the pitch.


Rightly or wrongly, the ex-Anfield man manages to captivate worldwide footballing audiences for his sheer tenacity in front of goal, and the technical brilliance that often gets him there.


Luis Suarez simply plays football in such an entertaining style that even his most determined critics would have to admit that he is a joy to watch. When it comes to linking up effectively with his teammates, displaying clear intelligence with his off-ball running, and producing some of the most confident strikes of the ball the modern game has ever paid witness to, the current Barca no. 9 certainly deserves praise for his overall ability.


In a current footballing climate dominated by the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo at the top of the pyramid, the Nou Camp new-boy is now staking a very worthwhile claim that easily places him just behind the two aforementioned stars when it comes to individual world rankings.


So then, even though the Uruguayan international has to go down as one of football’s greatest villains after unfairly breaking Ghanaian hearts in the 2010 World Cup like a spoilt little school boy, Luis Suarez can definitely prove capable at helping his team secure Champions League success at the end of the 2014/15 campaign.


Alongside Lionel Messi and Neymar in Luis Enrique’s star-studded forward line, Barcelona have looked simply formidable so far in their European quest. With a great deal of thanks needing to be issued to David Luiz for his uncanny ability to get nutmegged on the highest stage, Barca simply ripped apart PSG and made them look unworthy of their position in the quarter-finals.


Suarez and co. calmly went about their business against the Parisian giants and successfully saw of the team – which nevertheless managed to beat Chelsea earlier on in the competition – in more than convincing style.    


Even though Pep Guardiola’s Bayern Munich side looked equally impressive against FC Porto last time out however, expect Barcelona to continue their good form in the Champions League with Luis Suarez confidently leading the line for the dangerously effective La Liga outfit. 

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