Lad Cashes out winning £98,313 Accumulator for £200

We have all been tempted to cash out an accumulator bet from time to time, but last weekend we seen one of the worst cash-out decisions ever. A punter placed a £1 bet to win £98,313 and cashed out for £200 – remarkably, the bet went on to win.

Jack, from Sunthorpe placed the crazy accumulator across the weekend football fixtures and the bet included his own side, Manchester United, to lose against Crystal Palace, and Newcastle to beat Tottenham Hotspur.

He also predicted wins for Chelsea, West Ham, Manchester City, Leicester and Southampton.


When was the bet cashed out?

From the image below of the beltslip, you can see the cashout value sits at £105 with the Manchester United vs Crystal Palace match in the 67th minute. United got their equalising goal in the 89th minute, so we think he cashed out somewhere around the 80th minute at Old Trafford.

accumulator bad cash out

Jack spoke to LadBible and said the following:

 “During the Palace – Man United game, I’m a Man United fan and I just knew we were going to score.

“The cash-out was about £200, but I knew United were going to score so I cashed out. Obviously, Palace went and scored again.

“I thought it was alright because Spurs would do it anyway [against Newcastle United] so my bet is going to be let down anyway.”

“To be fair, I should have let it run – it was only a quid, wasn’t it? – but that’s betting isn’t it?

“Every week if you could ask for £200 from £1, you’d take it wouldn’t you?

“Obviously this week though, there’s about £90,000 out.”

Newcastle then went on to beat Tottenham in the Sunday afternoon fixture at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to complete what would have been one of the biggest footy accumulator wins we have ever seen.

Unfortunately for him, his payout was £98,113 short because had he not cashed out, he’d now be sat with £98, 313 in his bank account.

There is no doubt that this one is a howler cashout!


Fancy having a go at an accumulator?

Like, Jack, you should use bet365 for your football accumulators – unlike Jack, you should never cash out.

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