Would Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang prove the right fit at Arsenal?

Would Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang prove the right fit at Arsenal?

Manchester United’s Alexis Sanchez has seemingly stole all the major headlines this January. The Chilean’s services had been sought all across Europe, with his eventual departure from the Emirates proving as inevitable as they come.


It remains to be seen just how effective Sanchez will ultimately prove at Old Trafford, but with a rather large void currently left vacant among Wenger’s attacking line-up this season, Arsenal fans have called for their club to take some meaningful action.



The acquisition of Armenia’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan may appease some ardent Gunners supporters. His established attacking flair could really come to the forefront whilst operating at the Emirates, despite his seeming inability to regularly showcase his talent at Manchester United.


The former Borussia Dortmund man had flatted to deceive in the eyes of certain Red Devils fans. Yet with Arsenal also reportedly keen on landing none other than Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this season, Mkhitaryan’s recent arrival could suddenly be considered in a far more positive light.



There is simply no mistaking Aubameyang’s unrelenting ability inside the final third. He has the quick-feet and physicality to really make a nuisance of himself among the upper echelons of the English top-flight, as well as an excellent range of finishing skills that wouldn’t look out of place among Europe’s elite.


He arguably represents the ideal winter signing for Arsenal fans to savour this January. Operating as a big name with an even bigger pedigree among the German Bundesliga, it’s easy to see why some Gunners supporters are awaiting his potential arrival with eager anticipation.



But then again, would this seemingly dream move really work wonders right here in the real world? Arsenal arguably need all the help they can get in regards to landing top quality signings, yet does Arsene Wenger seriously need to add another striker this January?


The club’s central midfield options could do with further strengthening, as could Arsenal’s increasingly leaky back-line. Whichever way you look at it, Arsenal just aren’t one of the first clubs you would consider on the topic of no-nonsense defensive stability.




Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s potential arrival in North London could also spark concern for the newly signed Alexandre Lacazette. It remains somewhat difficult to envisage both players operating in the same starting XI, despite the obvious potential each striker undoubtedly possesses.


With Olivier Giroud also left twiddling his thumbs down on the Gunners subs-bench of late, Wenger currently resides over one of the least balanced Arsenal sides he has ever played host to. The Frenchman’s long-term plan seems close to non-existent right about now.




Whilst the Gabonese international could certainly add his own unique brand of excitement among the Premier League in upcoming seasons, his proposed ability to lift the Emirates faithful into a brand new era of success seems rather unlikely.


With so many other high profile issues currently afflicting the ongoing situation at Arsenal, it feels as if Wenger’s interest in Aubameyang could be flawed in many significant aspects. As we all know, money does not grow on trees down at the Emirates.


Either the reported £60 million man arrives and triumphantly tears the English top-flight apart, or he fails in dramatic circumstances, and as do Arsenal for yet another thwarted transfer window of jaded disappointment. Time will seemingly tell on this one…

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