Liverpool’s Barcelona Fountain ‘Fan’ Strikes Again, this time at Anfield

The fan who dumped a local into a fountain in Barcelona ahead of Liverpool’s Champions League semi-final match with Barcelona has been videoed pulling off another cringworthy prank, this time pulling a stewards trousers down outside Anfield.

Following the incident in Barcelona, Liverpool fans themselves outed the man, reported to be lifelong supporter and long time home and away follower Martin ‘Marty’ Mullen and now a video has begum circulating of the man pulling off another prank.

In the video ‘Marty’ can be seen asking his pal to hold onto his pint before he runs up behind an unsuspecting steward close to Anfield, before the final match of the season against Wolves. He then pauses for a second before whipping down the mans trousers and running away laughing.


‘Marty’ Passes his pint to a friend before prank

Liverpool fan pulls stewards trousers down

Ironically, he appears to be wearing an FC Barcelona cap at the time. Both the incidents are being investigated by Liverpool Football Club and a panel will decide on any further action. There was no report of an assault made to Merseyside police so the authorities are unlikely to take any further action.


Steward has his trousers pulled down by Barcelona fountain fan

Liverpool fan steward pants down


Liverpool fan dumps Barcelona man in fountain

If the fan is allowed to travel to Madrid for the Champions League final against Tottenham, there will be plenty of eyes on him, to see what his next prank will be.

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