Does this in-form Arsenal striker deserve more recognition at the Emirates?

Olivier Giroud has been polarizing public opinion among the English top-flight ever since he first signed for the Gunners in the summer of 2012. The 30-year-old Frenchman has nonetheless registered some truly fine form across the 2016/17 campaign thus far, often bailing Arsene Wenger’s side out of trouble on more than just the odd occasion.


Yet despite Giroud’s unmistakably effective goal scoring exploits among the Premier League of late, many Gunners fans still fail to recognise the importance of such a player within their current starting XI –  seemingly labelling the former Ligue 1 striker as little more than an average top-flight centre-forward at best.


So then, in light of the frontman’s recent string of match saving goals for the Gunners – is it about time Olivier Giroud was finally recognised as one of Arsenal’s most important assets, despite the constant flow of often unfair criticism that seems to come his way?




Well, although Giroud by no means represents a world class centre-forward capable of giving any formidable defender a strong run for their money, this is one player who has certainly pitched in his fair share for the Gunners of late. Without the Frenchman’s rather potent output in 2016/17, Arsenal would clearly find themselves struggling to replicate yet another solid season among the upper echelons of the English top-flight.


When Olivier Giroud is on form, his link-up play with those around him often surpasses that of most other top-flight strikers currently plying their trade among the Premier League. When it comes to impressing the Gunners fan-base with a range of interesting moves inside the final third, proving somewhat unflappable when holding up the ball for his fellow attackers, as well as simply scoring priceless goals right when they are needed most – Giroud definitely deserves a great deal of credit.


Despite such a glowing review of the Frenchman’s recent exploits however, perhaps it’s also fair to suggest that Arsenal will never win the Premier League without signing a superior centre-forward over their current no. 12. Someone who can match the in-form Frenchman at every available turn, as well as provide a clear step up for Arsenal among their all-important striking department.


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For everything Giroud provides in effort and determination, he can sometimes fail to produce the goods when the pressure is really on. He seemingly needs to miss a whole hatful of crucial point blank chances before registering himself on the scoresheet and reeling off in celebration.


Giroud’s tendency to prove somewhat unreliable at times has sadly held him back rather significantly at the Emirates – for although the former Ligue 1 star has performed admirably well for the Gunners overall – he just isn’t of quite the same calibre of Thierry Henry or Dennis Bergkamp now is he?


On the basis of that one particularly salient point alone, it seems Olivier Giroud will never be completely adored by the Gunners faithful for as long as he continues to ply his trade down at the Emirates… 


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