Euro 2016: Who are this summer’s greatest underachievers?

Euro 2016 has certainly served to entertain us rather solidly throughout the past few weeks, even if this summer’s long-awaited tournament didn’t exactly turn out to be the out-in-out goal fest some of us were expecting.


Tournament football seemingly always plays host to one or two major players who somehow fail to perform out on the international stage however, so without any further ado, here are four distinct underachievers who just couldn’t do the business for their nation at Euro 2016…



Thomas Muller

Euro 2016: Who are this summer’s greatest underachievers?

Despite arriving at Euro 2016 full of hope and optimism on the back of a truly explosive goal-scoring campaign in Brazil two summers ago, Thomas Muller absolutely failed to get off the mark this time around with a series of fruitless performances in front of goal for Joachim Low’s proud world champions.


He may have indeed come extremely close to finding the back of the net on more than the odd occasion for Germany – especially against Northern Ireland among the group-stages for that matter – but even so, the rest of Europe was simply expecting far better from the usually threatening Bayern Munich man when all is said and done.



Harry Kane

Euro 2016: Who are this summer’s greatest underachievers?

Although it arguably seems wrong to highlight one single Three Lions member as a stark underperformer when the rest of the England national team certainly floundered somewhat collectively within the grand scheme of things, Tottenham’s Harry Kane sadly showed none of his previously potent club form when his nation really needed it most this summer.


The usually impressive Spurs striker looked completely void of form inside the final third, his ability to find the back of the net in stylish fashion seemingly went missing among Roy Hodgson’s equally questionable first team plans – and as for his supposed prowess on set-pieces – well, perhaps the least said about that the better…



David Alaba

Euro 2016: Who are this summer’s greatest underachievers?

Whilst no one was really expecting Austria to dramatically take the continent by storm among Euro 2016 if we’re all being honest, a fair amount of hype and muted expectation had nonetheless began to surround David Alaba and co. in the run up to this summer’s tournament.


The normally dependable Bayern Munich man ultimately failed to leave his mark on the competition as many had previously expected however, for although David Alaba certainly worked hard enough out on the pitch for his nation, Austria clearly needed a little bit more about them if they were to genuinely make it out of those troublesome group-stages in no-nonsense fashion.



Robert Lewandowski

Euro 2016: Who are this summer’s greatest underachievers?

Euro 2016 really wasn’t a tournament to remember for high profile centre-forwards, was it? Another big name Bayern Munich player to find a surprising place on this list arrives in the form of Poland’s Robert Lewandowski. For one reason or another, the classy striker just couldn’t get going this summer with the hopes of his nation resting precariously upon his shoulders.


He may have successfully hit the back of the net against Portugal in what eventually turned out to be a rather tiring quarter-final draw, but on the back of his glistening reputation upon the European club scene, Lewandowski arguably should have fared far better at Euro 2016 than what fate ultimately had in store. 

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