FanTeam Launch £1,000,000 Fantasy Football Tournament for Euro 2020

FanTeam have launched their mega-Fantasy Football tournament for Euro 2020, with a guaranteed prize pool of £1,000,000 and a £200,000 cash prize to the winning manager.

With Euro 2020 now over, you can instead join the FanTeam Premier League £1,000,000 game for the 2021/22 season.

Following the success of past tournaments such as their Premier League €1,000,000 season long game and Champions League €250,000 tournament, Euro 2020 is now the focus with a massive prize pot of £1,000,000 to be won.

If you are unfamiliar with FanTeam, it is the place to play Fantasy Football for CASH and now that the domestic season is over, all our focus has turned to Euro 2020 this summer.

Join FanTeam for free and have a look around the games – they also offer daily Fantasy Football tournaments on various sports, including football.


FanTeam Euro 2020 Game Prizes

The top prize for the Euro 2020 Fantasy Football league is £200,000 and the top 10377 finishing positions win cash prizes and ensure a profit. The entry fee is £20 and the prizes start at £30. Second place scoops £100,000, third gets £60,000, fourth £37,000 and fifth £23,000.

The top 33 players will win £1,000 or more and for finishing in the top 100 you will win £100 or more.

There is a cap of 87,027 entries into the game so you only have to finish in the top 12% to guarantee yourself a prize.

The full Euro 2020 FanTeam Fantasy Football tournament prize list is broken down below and this is similar in the FanTeam Premier League million pound game for the new season.

Euro 2020 FanTeam prizes


Euro 2020 FanTeam Game Rules

A lot of the rules are the same as, or similar to the Premier League Fantasy Football games we are used to, but we have posted the full set of rules for you below. Because the tournament is only a month-long there are some slight changes. Given that there will be teams getting knocked out of the tournament at each stage, this will mean an increase in the number of players you can have from each nation as the tournament goes on.

  • In the group stages and last 16, you can have up to 3 players from each nation.
  • From the quarter-finals you can have up to 4 players from each nation.
  • For the semi-finals and final, you can have up to 7 players from each nation.

Instead of the £100,000,000 budget we are used to, you will have £105,000,000 to build your squad of 15 players – 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards.

The one wildcard you get will be active in Gameweek 4, which is the round of 16 and as the teams diminish you get more free transfers. There will be 3 available in Gameweek 5 and 3 more in Gameweek 6, ahead of the quarter-finals and semi-finals.

FanTeam Euro 2020 game rules


Scoring Rules for FanTeam’s Euro 2020 Game

Again, there are some scoring rules which we are used to from Premier League Fantasy Football, but also some key differences to consider when picking your team.

As with traditional Fantasy Football, most of your points will come from goals scored, clean sheets and assists.

Goalkeepers – your goalkeeper will earn 0.5pts per save made. However, if you look to pick a goalkeeper that is likely to be busy, the chances are they will also concede goals and so the save points will be cancelled out.

Defensive – There are a couple of differences between FanTeam and Premier League FPL here – the big one is that if your player concedes a penalty, that is a -2pt deduction. The same punishment is dished out if they concede a free kick that leads directly to a goal. If a players team loses the period while he is on the pitch, that’s a -1pt deduction.

Attacking – Everything is much the same for the attackers, but if your player plays the full match then you get an additional +1pt. It is still 5pts for a midfielder goal and 4pts for an attackers goal.

FanTeam Euro 2020 points scoring


How to Play

The entry fee for the game is £20. To enter your team you simply need to click this link straight to the FanTeam Euro 2020 game and register your details. You can even pick your team without joining if you want.

You can make unlimited changes to your team before the start of Euro 2020 and don’t forget to pick your captain and vice-captain.


Free Bet for FanTeam

As well as their Euro 2020 Fantasy Football game, you can also use the same account to bet on Euro 2020 with their sportsbook. If you join FanTeam through our special offer then you will receive a £20 free bet when you bet £20 on any sporting event.

This is one of the best free bets for Euro 2020 so make sure you get hold of an account before the tournament gets underway.

⚡Bet £20 get a £20 Free Bet (win or lose)⚡

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New customers only. Strictly 18+ Minimum deposit £20. Place any £20 sportsbook bet at minimum odds of 2.0 (1/1) to receive your free £20 bet. Your £20 free bet must be wagered one time at odds of 2.0 (1/1) or higher before it becomes cash. If your first £20 bet wins, you have to bet £20 again at odds of 2.0 (1/1) or higher to turn the £20 bonus money into cash. But you do win cash on your first bet - it’s just the £20 bonus that’s locked until you bet £20 again at minimum odds of 2.0 (1/1) or higher.


FanTeam Euro 2020 £1,000,000 Game FAQs

What is the top prize in FanTeam's Euro 2020 Fantasy Football game?

The winner receives £200,000. Second place £100,000 and prizes go all the way down to 10,377th place.

How can you play Euro 2020 Fantasy Football for cash?

To play Fantasy Football for cash in the UK, you need to join FanTeam and play their cash games throughout Euro 2020, including their full tournament game, which starts on Friday June 11th.

Is the FanTeam Euro 2020 game any good?

Past FanTeam tournaments we have played have been very good and the prizes are generous. There is no reason why their Euro 2020 game will not be a big success and there are plenty of cash prizes to be won.

Are FanTeam's Euro 2020 game rules the same as FPL?

Some rules are the same but there are some differences. These can all be found in our guide but one major difference is that your goalkeeper will earn 0.5pts for every save he makes.

Do you get free transfers in FanTeam's Euro 2020 game?

Yes. You get one free transfer every gameweek and then you get 3 free transfers before the quarter finals, and 3 free transfers before the semi-finals.

Do you get a wildcard in FanTeam's Euro 2020 game?

Yes. One wildcard can be activated in Gameweek 4. If you don't use this wildcard, you will lose it.


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