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What is a First Goalscorer Tip?

To pick a first goalscorer bet you simply need to predict which player will score first in the match you are betting on. Obviously, the more likely the player is to score, the shorter the odds are. When betting on the Premier League, the likes of Harry Kane, Sergio Aguero and Romelu Lukaku will always be very short in the betting odds for a first goalscorer, and when that is the case it is worth trying to get a big win by betting on a first goalscorer double or even treble.


How do you pick your First Goalscorer Tips?

We have various techniques to picking a first goalscorer tip here at Thatsagoal. One of them is to keep it simple and stick with players in form. Harry Kane is a prime example of this and he always seems to be among the goals. With Mo Salah’s record in the last two seasons he’s always at the forefront of our minds for this kind of bet, but the bookmakers are all too aware of this so the odds for Salah to score first are usually very short.

Another good bit of advice when looking for a first goalscorer bet is to pick a player who usually doesn’t play up front, but is in the upcoming match. This was the case when Raheem Sterling had a spell playing up front for Manchester City in the 2016/17 season. He scored a few goals and was priced up in the first goalscorer betting odds as if he was going to play midfield, so we got better odds for our winning first scorer bets. These are the type of things to look for to get the edge over the bookies.

If you want a bigger odds scorer bet then look to central defenders who score a few goals a season from set pieces. The odds for players like this in the first goalscorer odds are usually around 20/1. John Terry was always an excellent example of this when playing for Chelsea.


Where Should I Bet on First Goalscorer Bets?

The bookies’ odds vary a great deal on first goalscorer bets, so it is well worth having a few accounts. You can see all the latest free bet offers and use them to place your first few first goalscorer bet today. We like Betfred’s Double Delight/Hat-trick Heaven offer because if your player scores first, and then gets a second goal in the match, you get paid double the original odds. If he goes on to score a hat-trick, you get treble the original odds. If keeps our first scorer tips more exciting and gives us the chance to get bigger wins.


When do I get your First Goalscorer Tips?

Our Thatsagoal tipsters will look for the best first goalscorer tips when the matches allow. We will look to have a first scorer tip every weekend and during the mid-week football when the Champions League and Europa League fixtures are taking place. We’ll also add first goalscorer tips to our special football match previews where you will have the chance to win big from our football betting predictions. This page will automatically update with today’s first goalscorer tips when they’re available.


How Should I Bet on your First Goalscorer Betting Tips?

We will aim to pick three first goalscorer betting tips at a time, the brave way to bet on these would simply be in a treble. That means we need all three players selected to score first for the bet to be a winner. You could also just pick the bets you like the look of and bet on them individually, or there is the option to bet on the doubles. Three selections means three doubles – if two of our selected goalscorer bets scores first then you have one winning bet, if all three score you have three winning bets.

When betting on our first scorer predictions, you have to remember the odds are as big as they are for a reason, do not expect every 600/1 accumulator to be a winner – this type of bet is just a bit of fun and we’d recommend betting small amounts on the prediction.


Thatsagoal Advice for Betting on a First Goalacorer Trixie

Our personal choice would be to bet on the first goalscorer tips in a Trixie. This means four bets in total – three doubles and one single. You can select this option on your bet slip after you’ve picked the first scorer bets you want to bet on at your chosen bookmaker.

A Trixie is four bets, so the bet will cost four times your original stake, e.g. a £5 trixie costs £20 on total. If all three players score first you win all four bets – three doubles and one treble. If two players score first just one bet wins – a double. If one or no players find the net first then your bet is a loser.


Your first goalscorer Trixie is:

Harry Kane to score first vs Swansea @ 3/1

Jamie Vardy to score first vs Everton @ 4/1

Gabriel Jesus to score first vs Arsenal @ 5/1


Kane, Vardy and Jesus all score first = 4 winning bets: 3x £5 doubles and 1x £5 treble. Total win £970

Kane and Vardy score first = 1 winning bet: £5 double. Total win £100

Kane and Jesus score first = 1 winning bet: £5 double. Total win £120

Vardy and Jesus score first = 1 winning bet: £5 double. Total win £150.


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