Quiz: Name the #10 highest-scoring substitutes in Premier League history

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As Peter Crouch made his return to the Premier League in January, England’s top-flight have hosted some of football’s most iconic impact subs.

With Leroy Sane coming off the bench and clinching three points for Manchester City in Wednesday’s derby, there is nothing better for a manager than watching your substitute come on and change the game.

To honor those impact subs that have that special gift for coming off the bench and pinching a late goal, we want to see if you can name the #10 Premier League substitutes who have scored the most goals?

We’re giving you five minutes to get the all 10 stars and remember, only a handful are still playing in the professional ranks today.

Once you have completed the quiz, send us your score on Twitter @thatsagoal and see how you compare to the rest of our followers. We think 8/10 would be a strong score here – no cheating!

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