How to Make the Most from the Real Madrid v Man Utd In-Play Offer

Real Madrid v Man U offer.png

Bet365 have announced they will be running a totally risk free in-play bet offer on the Real Madrid v Man Utd match in the Champions League on Wednesday, and as we have done with this offer in the past, we will talk you through how to guarantee profit.

In the terms and conditions of this offer the rules state bets may be void if people try to secure profit from manipulating these bets, but in all the previous times we have done this our bets have stood and we have kept the guaranteed profit.

This free in-play bet offer is open to new and existing Bet365 customers but if you are het to register for a bet365 betting account you can do so through us at and get your first deposit doubled up to £200 – sign up here for free.

The free £50 bet offer works like this: you place a £50 bet before the match kicks-off and you get a free £50 in-play bet. If the £50 in-play bet loses Bet365 refund that £50 to you in real cash that can be instantly withdrawn back to your personal bank account if you wish.

Here is how you should use your bet365 in-play free bet to guarantee profit.

1.       Before kick-off place a £50 bet on Real Madrid to win the match (currently 8/13)

2.       As soon as the match kicks off, place a £50 bet on Man Utd or draw DOUBLE CHANCE (currently 13/10)

The Outcomes:

·         If Real Madrid win the match bet 1 wins, returning £80.76 PLUS the £50 refund because bet 2 lost – Total return £80.76 + £50 = £130.76

·         If the match is a draw or Man Utd win bet 1 loses, but bet 2 wins at 13/10, returning £115.

This means your outlay will be £100, but you will either receive £130.76 in return, or £115, ensuring a guaranteed profit of £30.76 if Real Madrid win or £15 if Man Utd win or it is a draw.

To claim the free in-play bet:

1.       Click this link straight to the special promotion page

2.       Sign in to your bet365 or open a new one for free

3.       Place a bet before kick-off

4.       Place another bet in-play

5.       If the in-play bet loses, the stake is returned back to you in full (up to £50)


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