The Teams England Want to Avoid at the World Cup

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The World Cup draw takes place this Friday evening and once that has been made we’ll know a lot more about each team’s chance of being the World Cup 2014 winner. Friday’s draw is going to have a huge bearing on which team wins and England fans will already be plotting which teams they want to be drawn against and which they want to avoid.

England are unseeded as a result of only being currently ranked 13 in the world by FIFA (the seeds are made up of the top seven ranked teams plus hosts Brazil, who are currently ranked 9 by FIFA. England are in pot 4 for the World Cup draw and the good news is they’ll avoid the likes of Holland, Italy, Portugal (Greece, Russia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina are also in pot 4 alongside England). The bad news is that England are almost certain to be drawn against one of the world elite from pot 1.

Out of the seeded teams England will be praying that they avoid Brazil, Spain, Germany and Argentina who are the big four at this tournament according to the bookies. Draws against Belgium, Colombia or Uruguay would be tough but a better option than the four favourites but the team from pot 1 England will surely be hoping to be drawn against is Switzerland, who are amazingly ranked 7 in the world by FIFA.

Pot 2 features teams that England would be expected to beat but there are only a few teams that would be considered easy pickings. USA head the threats from pot 2, they finished above England in the group stage four years ago. Mexico, South Korea, Australia and Japan are also amongst those in pot 2 and they’d be amongst the tougher opposition England could face. England would be pretty happy to be drawn against Honduras or Costa Rica but surely the best team to be drawn against in pot 2 is Iran, who are the lowest ranked team (45) in that pot.

The third pot is probably slightly stronger than the second. France are in pot 3 and will certainly be a team to avoid but England also wouldn’t really fancy matches against Chile (recently beat England at Wembley), Ivory Coast or even Ghana who performed exceptionally at the last World Cup. Algeria, Nigeria, Ecuador and Cameroon complete pot 3 and surely Algeria would be most favourable out of those teams.

So England could end up drawn against Switzerland, Iran and Algeria or they could end up facing Brazil, USA and France all in the group stage. This just goes to show how much luck is going to be involved this week in deciding the World Cup winner. England are currently 25/1 going into that draw and England fans will be hoping the odds shorten after the draw, signifying an easier ride to the knockout stages for an England team that has been below par for some time.

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