The Premier League Winter Break – What a load of Rubbish!

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Right about now, we’d be sharing a post giving our winners and losers from the Premier League weekend. We can’t do that this week, however, because there were only three games.

The winter break is a new concept to English football picked up from abroad that, essentially, allows players to have a little break from football in the middle of the season.

We’re here to describe why it’s, essentially, a load of rubbish.


Different times for different teams

The break wouldn’t be so bad if it was a set two week period that teams had off, i.e. they all just didn’t play one weekend.

But why are we seeing Trent Alexander-Arnold in Miami whilst City are getting ready to play West Ham? Then the City players will, undoubtedly, be on holiday this week.

It’s a bit disjointed and looks messy.


The fans suffer

“For me, I could have done without it. I think we should just carry on straight through. The supporters aren’t going away on holiday and they’re the ones that keep this division going.”

Those were the words of Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder just last week.

It’s true. The games have never burdened the players before and the impact the break has had even on the neutral is more than what it’s worth.


It can put players in a bad light

This generation of players haven’t had a winter break before, so they may not know what to do with it.

Most of them have gone away on holiday, which they, probably, would have been advised to do. They have the money, of course – and we’ve all seen it plastered all over social media.

They’re perfectly entitled to go and do that, but, with James Milner watching Liverpool’s U23 team against Shrewsbury instead and being massively praised for it, it kind of makes the other look arrogant.

They’re not doing anything wrong, it just doesn’t sit right.


Do the players even want a winter break?

There could be some debate to be had as to whether or not the players actually want the break.

What if, for example, players are coming back from injury and need minutes or they might be looking to get into their nation’s Euro 2020 squads for the tournament this summer.

One player that springs to mind in that situation is Joel Matip at Liverpool. He’s returning from a long injury lay off and could really have done with playing the game against Shrewsbury. But he’s got to have a break for, pretty much, no reason.

Some players just love football. Some players don’t feel like they need a break.

“The players are fit and healthy, they want to go again” added Chris Wilder last week.

It feels forced.

Like VAR, the winter break seems like a good idea, but it hasn’t been implemented properly as of yet.

We’re sure it’ll get there. Eventually.

We’ll see you next week, when the winners and losers piece should be back. Bloody winter break ruining our schedule.

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