Ravel Morrison

Betting Blog & News 08-11-2015

Has the English game really seen the back of Ravel Morrison?

Ever since making his short-lived introduction among the Premier League just a few short seasons ago, 22-year-old Ravel Morrison has certainly gone down as something of an enigma within the English game.   Whether it be for landing himself a whole manner of different unwanted headlines regarding largely off-field incidents, reportedly falling out with several […]

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Betting Blog & News 08-07-2015

Is Ravel Morrison already on his way back to the English game?

When it was officially announced that Ravel Morrison had opted to leave West Ham United midway through the 2014/15 campaign, few were left surprised when they first heard the seemingly inevitable news.   What came as a bit more of a shock for fans of the English game however, is that the former Manchester United […]

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