Football Index: What is it & How to Win Football Betting Free Bet

Football Index branded itself in 2015 as an alternative to traditional sports having a bet, they further moved ahead to see its success as football fans learned of its unique platform. Styled after the stock market, it enables users to purchase & put up for sale shares with those shares being individual players. So, use their detailed information about football and the different players that join in the sport professionally. Presented to people of the UK, Ireland & Canada, owned by the BetIndex Limited, approved by Jersey and UK Gambling Commissions. Bettors paying interest to become a part of Football Index and looking to open an account with football betting free bet are offered with an easy to follow listing form that takes barely moments to complete. The completing of the listing emergence requires so as to every grassland within completed with crucial information relating to their straightforward uniqueness. To map with Football Index, the following steps need to complete:

Football betting free bet

  1. Browse a web browser like Chrome or Mozilla and visit the Football Index homepage.
  2. In the correct topmost corner, tick on the green “Sign Up” key to find the way to the registration page and avail offer of football betting free bet.
  3. Come into your email address, a password, your country of house and cell phone number, then click “Continue”.
  4. Fill up in your name, date of birth, enter your residence address, recognize if you what forms you desire to obtain communication from the company, Ensure the box acknowledging you have read the Term’s & Condition’s, privacy policy, cookie policy and age authentication. Then make sense the muffled green “Sign Up now” button.
  5. Upon finishing point, click on the Football Index login right to use you.


Dissimilarly, other websites that are sports gambling-related, the arrangement and design of Football Index will be somewhat dissimilar than they may typically have experienced. While first visiting the site, the homepage fails to show any relevant information regarding what lies under the overall outline. However, Ahead registering, or clicking on the sign-up button, people are presented with a catalogue of footballers. That displays their buy and sells price and a range of other categories that relate to the marketplace, watch list, equivalent day rankings, media rankings, and member portfolios and beneath a drop-down menu, direct links to its academy, discussion and news section.

Parallel to many sites, it uses a two-column arrangement whereby all player stocks situated in the first column, and extra information such as bonus winners, recent activity and a Twitter feed situated in the instant— progressing its ease of direction-finding, a range of assistive acquaintances direct users to its mobile apps, its confidentiality and cookie policy, help centre, game rules, terms and conditions, podcast, blog and a variety of other pages of helpful information.


How does Football Index work?

The idea of Football Index is quite easy and sees members, who are known as traders, buying and trade stocks in the form of footballers. The aim is to fabricate a portfolio of players and sell them when they have risen in price. It determined by factors such as how many goals they have scored, they have accumulated. It operates, in standard the same manner the usual stock market does among footballer stock values rising and falling, and to support in the strength of mind of creating a stock collection, and Football Index provides imperative figures such as the team they play on, its presentation and position as well as the players name, person stats and Football Betting Free Bet.

In addition, the capability to choose to screen allows every member to the observation of the information in a way to which they favour such as placing them on a watch list, identifying their position, bearing in mind any price increases or decrease, the top and lowest possible price and different others.

The price comes with understanding when to buy and when to sell just as it is with the usual stock market, and for know-how players within detail footballer acquaintance, the profits can be fairly satisfying.


TOP 200

A favoured trading apparatus, the Top 200 is a record based on the top 200 utmost valued players in conditions of their stock value. It is in place to provide insightful information about each player such as their position, home country, and age included under each, a performance chart that provides recent and yearly statistical information.

Squad Players

A positive feature used to determine a portfolio, Squad Players, allows traders to examination the whole list of those listed on the index. It includes the pinnacle 200 as well as all others in spite of their rank, and when used successfully, can be an important tool in terms of forthcoming players whose cost is low in evaluation to those on whose cost is high.

Retirement of a player

At some time should a player on the index retire, Football Index will de-list them from the index, and any stocks purchased will slide. In accumulation to the withdrawal or passing of a player, Football Index will, at times, eliminate a player from the index if they are not existing for a particular tournament or completion, have been caged, or if they do not meet the criteria.

The intention to Football Index, as it is in any other form of sports betting, is to make earnings based on the first investment. To win capital on the index, traders require utilizing the Match Day and Media dividends and or being successful in the player stocks they buy and when they sell those stocks.

Buying Shares

The buying of shares is the standard reason traders schedule with Football Index, and action so is an easy formula that involves selecting a particular footballer, reviewing his stats, the purchase price and formative if its current value can raise whereby an income will realize.

A highest of 300 shares can be purchased at any given time, while those wishing to purchase a larger number can do so by making multiple purchases. Those who buy shares can observe their transactional history with records maintained up to three months after the shares were purchased.

Selling Shares

The selling of shares is as easy as it is buying them with traders only needing to select the “sell” option at the side of the respective share they own. All purchased shares are valid from the date of purchase for three years before failing. Therefore members must observe their portfolio to make sure losses not incurred as a consequence of expired shares.

There are two methods in which shares can sell, the first is an immediate sale directly to Football Index at some extent reduced price and the second is by listing shares in the “Join sell queue’. It allows other traders to buy at an agreed-upon price.

Traders wishing to continue abreast of a footballers value can access a Live Ranking characteristic that is intentionally built to track the value of an individual player. In accumulation to an ample range of assistive information, traders can outlook the game day and media rankings to see which players at sitting at the top in conditions of value and use that information to assist if the bonus or Football Betting Free Bet will be paid based on how a player position.

Media Dividends

Supporters who focused on increasing their profitability in how it relates to the trading of stocks can make utilize of media dividends as a means to keep on a side by side of the most recent football news in their attempts to raise their chances at daily payouts.

At the instant, media dividends offered for the Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, Serie A, Ligue 1, UEFA European Championship Qualifiers, the World Cup Bundesliga, UEFA European Championship and La Liga. All information is sourced from trustworthy media sources such as the BBC, Sky Sports and the Huffington Post.

Match Day Dividends

Traders in suspense to get the most of their time spent trading on Football Index can outlook Match Day rankings to measure the performance of their shares they buy on match day and then earn points based on the level of reputation associated with the match. While there are three levels of pay cash prizes – BronzeSilver and Gold, dividends only will be paid only for:

  • the Champions League
  • Europa League
  • Premier League
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1
  • UEFA European Championship Qualifiers
  • the World Cup Bundesliga
  • UEFA European Championship
  • La Liga competitions


Welcome Bonus – £500 football betting free bet Money Back Guarantee

Dedicated to their confidence that their clients have better odds at being profitable when they schedule and make their first deposit, the company welcomes its latest registrants with an open-handed money-back guarantee. This intended to ensure that the know-how they have is as interesting and worthwhile as possible.

To become eligible to take part in the £500 football betting free bet Money Back Guarantee fascinated traders will need to complete the steps listed below:

  1. Visit the Football Index website and in the upper top corner, click on “Sign Up”.
  2. Complete all fields in the two-page registration form and submit your account application.
  3. Navigate to the cashier and continue to deposit at least £10 using a MasterCard or Visa credit card if you live in the United Kingdom.


The following provisions and circumstances will be relevant to succeed for the Money-Back Assurance. These consist of all general dividend conditions as well as the following:

  • This recommendation must be claimed inside of seven days from the time the account opened
  • To declare the highest football betting free bet Money Back Guarantee of £500, traders have to send an email ask for to parallel in fashion to what specialized athletes assume to meet the demands of playing specialized sport and maintaining their physical conditioning, Football Index description an Academy to support traders in learning more about what offered and how to be successful in buying and selling player shares.

It includes a variety of guides that calculated to properly inform users about each stage of the progression from trade and the dissimilar ways to sell to explanations about match day and media dividends.

Each segment within the conservatory offers understanding instructions that are brief and layout to offer the basics, thereby allowing members to get up to speed in a comparatively short sum of time.

About the Odds

Analogous to several stock markets, the demand and supply of any known stock order its value and whether it will rise or decline. While at first, those newly added players to the Index will observe shares priced by Football Index itself, once live, the price will vary based on market conditions. While most will see diminutive variances in prizes, apart from if buying or selling, those for best players can see munificent spikes in worth over time.

Deposits and Withdrawals

As a having a bet associate that caters to a limited number of countries, Football Index has preferred to limit its obtainable financial support methods to credit cards only. While a difficulty for some, others will be grateful for the effortlessness of use and space to you each affords. With a focus towards longevity and success, Football Index made the right decision to pursue excellence in its line of mobile products actively. As a result, they thoughtfully created mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, and to harmonize those, a companionable mobile site to contain those who prefer to relinquish the downloading of software to their mobile smartphones.

The superiority that is delivered by both apps is the same to that of its desktop site with all offered features, design elements, colour schemes and assistive links included ensuring that the understanding plagiaristic of using either mobile option remains consistent.

As an additional measure of value, each also includes the full variety of support and banking options as well as straight links to its forum, help centre and training academy.

Affiliate Program

Structure on its standing of success and desire for constant development, Football Index extends a humid welcome to online advertising affiliates who are concerned in promoting this brand and growing their profits during the use of tactical marketing tools and objectives.

As an affiliate program, they contain modern tracking software, ready for action CPA and profits contribution models. Also, they feature on-time monthly payments, dedicated and professional account managers and multiple resources and tools designed to assist each affiliate achieve their goals.

More About Football Index

Branded in 2015, the business behind Football Index is fixed in its statement that it is revolutionizing the way individuals bet on football, and by means of its release of the worlds only football stock index, that announcement and the concept behind it is difficult to contradict.

Owned by BetIndex Limited, located in Jersey and licensed by both Jersey and UK Gambling Commissions, the company has seen significant interest and enlargement in the UK, Ireland, and most recently, Canada.

Accessible in English and accepting major credit cards in all markets it operates, Football Index continues to put up upon its successes while allowing for new markets where it believes the expansion is forthcoming.


Customer Support

Football Index understands the importance in only if a dedicated support centre to answer questions or give support to its customers at any time needed. To accomplish this, the company offers live chat, telephone and email support options as well as maintains several social media accounts.

In addition to its standard support channels, Football Index features a widespread help centre that provides answers relating to accounts, deposits and withdrawals, data security and answerable betting amongst others. Furthering their promise towards excellence in customer support, a Football Index forum is on hand that provides Football Index guidelines as is a knowledge academy.


Conclusion and Rating

Our full assessment of Football Index endorsed us insight into the exclusive platform they provide, that being a football stock market exchange. There is small uncertainty that this is something different, that when embraced, is exhilarating and for many, cost-effective.

A wide range of in sequence featured on the site, and similar to its innovative software, the company attentively included a forum whereby traders can talk about players and share trading facts. The reason is to assist expand their information about football, and more purposely, the trading of football player stock.

While part-time constituency may find a learning curve necessary to clutch the ins and outs fully, the volume of information in position and the capability to win daily cash prizes only enhances the value that is delivered. As such, we right to use a practical 4 out 5 overall rating.


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