Paddy Power Beat the Drop – NO DEPOSIT Free Play for 30 Days

Paddy Power beat the drop is a free to play game where you get given £1000 and you have to answer 10 questions, the aim is to keep hold of as much of the money as you can because if you’ve got any left at the end, you keep it.

You can choose your starting question and then there will be another nine, where you can split your money on each answer, or go all in if you are confident. For example, the starting question might be: will both teams score in tonight’s match? You can either put your whole £1000 on yes or no, or split your pot between the two. Whatever you have left, you take onto question 2.

This is a FREE TO PLAY game and if you sign-up to Paddy Power today, you’ll get 30 days of free play, to have as many goes as you want.


How to play Paddy Power Beat the Drop

1 Click this link to Paddy Power and either sign-up or sign-in

2 Pick the question you want to start with

3 Decide how much money you’ll put on the answers

4 Do this for all 10 questions and keep whatever you have left


Paddy Power beat the drop


Do people win on Paddy Power Beat the Drop?

When this game was first launched in 2018, there were a couple of big wins, including two people in one weekend who won the whole £1,000 pot. You can see below how they did it with 10 correct predictions in a row.

With your free to play 30 days, you could have as many goes as you like at this.

Paddy Power beat the drop winner

Paddy Power beat the drop winner


Just this week, this punter won £400 for FREE when he sucessfully got through all 10 questions with £400 of his original £1000 left.


Have a go yourself and keep us updated how you get on on Twitter @thatsagoal.



Paddy Power beat the drop

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