World Cup 2018 Infographic: All The Stats You Really Want To Know…

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World Cup 2018 Infographic

The World Cup always throws up a few interesting statistics. Like did you know the birth rate in the winning country just nine months after the final?

World Cup 2018 infographic


Perhaps you weren’t aware that three countries have won 65% of all tournaments?

The 2018 World Cup gets underway on June 14, 2018 and along with publishing our best Euro 2020 betting tips, we’re also keeping ourselves entertained in the office with plenty of facts and trivia.

The upcoming tournament is going to be an incredibly interesting one when it comes to the statistics. It’ll be based across multiple time zones and see more travel than ever before for nations.

We love an interesting stat here at and have been crunching some numbers and digging out some stories about competition’s gone by and Russia 2018…

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