World Cup 2018 Sweepstake Kit

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The World Cup is fast approaching and that means everybody around your office will be wanting to get involved in a World Cup sweepstake. We have got the sweepstake kit you need for just that.

Between 14th June and 15th July 32 teams will compete for World Cup glory, and using your World Cup sweepstake you can get in on the action, by running your very own sweep amongst friends, family or co-workers using the thatsagoal World Cup sweepstake kit.


What is a Sweepstake?

A sweepstake works like this – you cut out the 32 teams and fold them up so the nation isn’t visible. Put these 32 teams into a hat and people pay a set amount to pick a team out – it could be anything from £1 and that’s what we will use for this example.

You them need to choose the prizes – you could simply say the winner takes all the money – in this case 32 x £1 = £32 but to keep people more interested we recommend paying out the top three finishers e.g.

World Cup winner = £20

World Cup runner up = £8

World Cup third place = £4

Once a person has paid you their £1 they get to pick a team out of the hat. Use the second sheet or your own piece of paper to keep track of who has picked out which team.

Once all 32 teams are sold the sweepstake is complete and you’re ready for the World Cup to begin.


How to you track the players?

We woudl recommend printing out TWO of our World Cup sweepstake kits, one to cut up and put into the hat, and one to keep track of the entrants – once they have picked out their team you can write their name underneath each nation. Alternatively, make your own spreadsheet and keep track of each person’s team.

People can have as many goes as they want and you can pick as much or as little for cost per entry. For example, £10 per entry would result in a prize pot of £320.

World Cup winner = £200

World Cup runner up = £80

World Cup third place = £40


Download the World Cup Sweepstake Kit

The World Cup sweepstake kit can be found below and you can download and print it from there. If you don’t have access to a printer, drop us a Tweet @thatsagoal and we’ll happily post come copies out to you.

Hit this link to download your World Cup sweepstake kit!


How to run a World Cup sweepstake – step by step guide:

1 Print off TWO copies of the sweepstake kit above

2 Cut the 32 teams out of ONE of the sheets and put them in a hat

3 Charge people £x per selection and write their names next to the team on the second sheet

4 After the tournament, pay out the winners


Follow all our World Cup betting tips and predictions before and during the tournament and keep up to date with how your team in the World Cup sweepstake are getting on.


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