What Is Double Chance Betting? How to bet on a team to win OR Draw

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It doesn’t matter what industry you talk about, if the words “double chance” are mentioned, you’re likely to get a little bit excited.

In football betting it’s no different, with Double Chance betting, of course, giving you double the chance of winning.

It’s an interesting market and one worth playing if you’re a little unsure of how a game might play out.


What Is Football Double Chance Betting & How Does It Work?

A double chance bet essentially narrows down the possible outcomes from three to two. This means that you will receive odds that covers two different results, most commonly home/away team and a draw.

Naturally, the odds won’t be as good as backing one outcome, but with a Double Chance bet on the football you’ve only a one in three chance of it actually losing.

There are three different outcomes you can back on a Double Chance bet. These are:

Home Win & Draw: In this case you bookmakers would payout if the home team either win or draw.

Away Win & Draw: This would work in reverse and payout if the away team won or drew.

Home Win or Away Win: Your bet would be covered if either team wins the match and only lose if the game finished a draw.

It really is that simple. You’ll find most of the UK’s major bookmakers will offer this market, so no matter who you register an account with, you can be in with double the chance of winning.


When to Place A Double Chance Bet

The best times to place a Double Chance bet are when you’re a little unsure or believe there’s a chance a game could go against what’s been predicted. The double chance acts as a safety net and also brings into play cash out at places like William Hill.

For example, if a team is fighting at the bottom towards the end of the season, there’s every chance they could pull off a shock result. Likewise, the FA Cup also throws up some similar scenarios.

Double Chance betting is also a popular market when placing accumulators as we all know how annoying it can be when a team conceded a last minute equaliser and throws your acca completely.

Essentially any scenario where you feel you need to be a bit safer with your wagers, a Double Chance bet is worth considering. They’re becoming more and more popular with punters and while you may get a lower payout you’ve got more chance of actually receiving one in the first place.

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