Which Euro 2020 player are you based on your Sunday League past?

Eith the Euro 2020 qualifying matches coming to a close and the teams starting to conform their qualification, we want to know which Euro 2020 player you would be, based on your younger days of playing Sunday League football.

Take our quiz below and the answers you give will decide which player you are most like who will be appearing at Euro 2020.

Did you always think you were the best in your team when in reality you weren’t very good? Did your team-mates always rely on you to score the goals? The questions in the quiz will determine the player you’re most like.

Some of the answers you won’t like, but some of the players are at the top of their game right now and that’s where you must have been when you were playing Sunday League football!

Play the Quiz

Once you have played the quiz, be sure you send your results to us at @thatsagoal on Twitter and share the quiz with your mates.


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