Mr Play Battle of the Punters – What is the Game & How do you Play?

Mr Play Battle of the Punters

Mr Play is one of the most exciting new bookmakers around today and alongside having plenty of betting markets for you to enjoy, there are some fabulous free games too, including their Battle of the Punters, which puts you head-to-head with the rest of their customer base.

If you’re looking for something that little bit different to play along to, then why not give Battle of the Punters a go…


What is Mr Play Battle of the Punters?

Of course, you might actually want to know what it is first. Essentially, it’s a league style competition that operates on a first past the post style format, with a variety of bets available to play to suit all tastes and betting styles.

Players have a range of tournaments to join, and the first three to a certain goal and the top of the leaderboard claim their share of the prize. 


How Does Mr Play Battle of the Punters Work?

The concept is relatively easy to understand and if you’re already familiar with betting then you’ll pick it up quite quickly. What it involves is placing bets and a leaderboard with other players then reflected by how much each player has won.

What players are betting on depends on the type of leaderboard you join, with plenty there for everyone. However, while you can bet as much as you like, only £1’s worth of your stake, and the winnings from that £1, would contribute to your standing on the leaderboard. This is to make it fairer for punters of all budgets. 


How Can I Play Mr Play Battle of the Punters Offer?

Getting started is easy to do and entry to the tournaments are free, with real money then placed on the betting elements of the competition.

If you’re looking to give it a go, then all you need to do is take the following steps:

  1. Sign in or register with Mr Play
  2. Visit the Battle of the Punters page and find a leaderboard you want to play.
  3. Read the rules and start placing your bets to climb the leaderboard. 
  4. Once the tournament is complete, winners will be paid out in accordance with the prizes. 


Things to Know About Mr Play Battle of the Punters

Rules can vary from tournament to tournament but you will typically find the same sorts of terms and conditions as you would with any competition a bookmaker offers. 

Among the key terms and conditions with this feature from Mr Play are:

  • Tournaments are free to enter but players must bet the minimum wager required in the tournament to feature on the leaderboard.
  • All prizes are based on that specific tournament and wagering parameters and leaderboard values.
  • If any bets are placed that are settled after the tournament has ended, these do not contribute towards a player’s score. 
  • Only the first selection on a betting market will contribute to the leaderboard.

It is always worth reading each individual tournament’s wagering requirements before placing your bets to make sure you are adhering to the rules and maximising your opportunity of success. 

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Sign up to Mr Play Today!

If you’re looking for that little bit more of a competitive nature to your betting, then taking part in this Mr Play tournament promotion could well be for you. 

To get started head over and sign up to Mr Play today and find the right tournament for you…


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