Sky Bet Refuse to Payout after Claiming Harry Maguire made NO Tackles vs Chelsea

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Sky Bet have caused quite a lot of unrest among their customers this weekend, after refusing to pay out on a priced boosted double of Maguire to make two or more tackles and Rashford to have two or more shots.

The bet was boosted to 6/1 and with Rashford scoring twice, there was no doubt that the first half of this bet was a winner – however the controversy came regarding the Harry Maguire tackles part of the bet, with Sky Bet (via Opta stats) claim that Maguire didn’t make any tackles in the match, and they were actually classed as interceptions.

Harry Maguire tackles bet


How many tackles did Harry Maguire make vs Chelsea?

The controversy lies in what a tackle is defined as according to Sky Bet and Opta. The response they were giving to their followers on Twitter was:

“Tackles are awarded by Opta when the tackling player connects with the ball and clearly wins possession from an opposing player. If a player cuts out a pass this would be credited as an interception not a tackle.”

Twitter used then took to sending recordings of the Maguire tackles to Sky Bet’s official Twitter account, it is hard to argue that some of these incidents look like tackles, rather than the explained interceptions above!

With Sky Bet using Opta stats to decide on the winning or losing price boosts bets, it is going to be difficult for punters to get paid out on this one, however it is unlikely that we will see Sky Bet offering such markets in the future given that they are likely to lose a lot of customers from this Harry Maguire 2+ tackles leg of the bet. At odds of 6/1 and with the first part winning easilly, punters are rightly furious.


I’m Boycotting Sky Bet, who should I bet with?

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Chelsea Liverpool bet builder



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