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The recent developments on Tyneside will have many Newcastle fans giddy at the prospects of an ambitious Mike Ashley-less future for the Magpies. The proposed takeover could change the fortunes of a club which has been all too content with simply getting by for far too long.

Plenty of comparisons to Manchester City’s 2008 takeover have been made but can Newcastle’s new owners bring about similar levels of success? Here’s our look at some of the most interesting Newcastle takeover odds.


Steve Bruce to be Newcastle manager for the opening game of the 2020/21 season – 11/4

Steve Bruce’s appointment at the start of the season was hardly met with fanfare but former the Sunderland boss has done a satisfactory, if unspectacular, job in the proceeding months. Currently, the bookies don’t fancy Bruce to be in charge by the time next season kicks off, which is entirely understandable given some of the big names being linked with the club in the next Newcastle manager odds.

Manchester City stuck with Mark Hughes post-takeover, albeit in different circumstances with the season already underway. Steve Bruce’s days as Newcastle boss are no doubt numbered, but there is a small chance that he is allowed to prove himself to the new owners.


Newcastle to finish in the top 6 in 2020/21 – 7/2

The current Newcastle squad is some way off a top-six finish but it’s not out of the realms of possibility. Leicester look set to break into the top six this season, whilst Wolves and Sheffield United have also outperformed some of the more established top sides.

Breaking into the top six isn’t out of the question but remains rather unlikely. Manchester City finished 10th in their first season under new owners and that also looks to be a realistic target for the Magpies.


Newcastle to win the Premier League in any of the next 5 seasons – 15/2

Here’s where things get interesting. Newcastle winning the Premier League looks some way off right now but with the level of proposed investment, it could be feasible within the next half-decade. After all, it took Manchester City just four years to get their hands on the Premier League trophy.

However, City had finished 9th the season prior to their takeover, a stronger starting point than the one Newcastle are at. It’s also worth mentioning that Manchester City were already participating in Europe during their first campaign, helping attract names which Newcastle perhaps cannot.


Newcastle to win the Champions League in any of the next 5 seasons – 25/1

If winning the Premier League seems fanciful, winning the Champions League is unthinkable. For starters, Newcastle won’t be participating in next season’s Champions League, giving them, at most, four attempts.

12 years on from Manchester City’s takeover and only now are City looking like genuine contenders. PSG have also been a financial powerhouse for the best part of a decade and have failed to come anywhere near the trophy.

Newcastle’s takeover, no matter how smoothly it goes, is unlikely to bring Champions League glory so soon.


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