How do you win a Football Accumulator Bet? The Best way to Bet on Accumulators

How to win a football accumulator

Most punters love a football accumulator and in today’s online betting guide, we’re going to show you how to win a football accumulator bet using a few tips and tricks we have learnt from our time tipping this type of bet.

Winning big on a football accumulator is one of the best feelings in gambling, but the pain of missing out on a winner in the last minute is equally as painful. So what are the secrets to winning a football accumulator and what is the best way to win this kind of bet?


Best Way to win on football accumulators – strategy

It is one thing to go down to the local bookies on a Saturday morning and pick 10 teams all to win without doing any research, but it is another to actually plan out your football accumulator bet and take some care to give yourself the best chance of getting a winner. Unfortunately, there is no fool proof plan to getting a winning accumulator, but there are a few strategies we recommend looking at when picking your selections:


Step One: trace the home and away form

As well as looking at the general form of both teams, look at the form home and away separately. Some teams thrive at home but are terrible on the road, if they are at home this weekend then they’re probably a good pick for your accumulator, but if they’re on the road then it’s best to leave them out all together (we would recommend ignoring this selection rather than putting the opposition into the bet).

Get your hands on form tables where you can separate them into home and away and that way you can navigate between the two and see how your proposed selection does where they are playing this weekend. For example, a few seasons ago Burnley were formidable at home but terrible away. Therefore we’d always consider them for our accumulator tip at home, but would leave their away matches alone.


Step Two: look at injuries and suspensions

If Manchester City were playing Chelsea and Sergio Aguero was injured, they’d have less chance of winning that match. Simple. Teams all have important players, some more than others. This is the case with all the big name players, some smaller teams have very important players, and if they’re missing, you’d be less likely to add them into your footy bet for the weekend. This is because some teams have one or two vital players in their ranks and that should strongly influence your selections when trying to win big on football accumulators. It is important to always consider injuries and suspensions and with social media these days, it is easy enough to check on team news for any club.


Step Three: try and find some value picks

It is all well and good picking the ‘banker’ selections for an accumulator e.g. Manchester City to beat Sheffield United at home, but the odds are so short they don’t actually contribute that much in your quest to win big on a football accumulator. What you need to do it try and sniff out some value picks. These are selections of Evens and above. Down in the lower leagues you can sometimes find more of these types of selections – because of the difficulty of these leagues, you won’t see teams as short in the betting as in the Premier League, simply because the teams in the lower leagues are more closely matched on paper. Try and find teams who are flying high in League One or League Two, who are playing at home to teams in the bottom half. You’ll likely get odds of 10/11, Evens or even 11/10 on these picks and it’s these types of odds that boost your accumulator winnings.


Step Four: odds comparison

For example, this is a real odds comparison (Oddschecker) of a recent accumulator we selected from the Premier League:

accumulator odds comparison

Looking at this example, if you’d used the best odds bookmaker, Marathonbet, your odds would be 100/1. Using Paddy Power the odds would only be 82/1. With Marathonbet a £10 bet would win you £1010, with Paddy Power you’d only win £835. For exactly the same bet, you’d win £175 LESS MONEY!

We have had to clip some bookmakers out of that graphic but at bet365 you’d have won £876, William Hill £924, Betway £846 and Betfair £1000.

It’s pretty obvious from this example that using the right bookmaker is a key strategy when trying to win big on a football accumulator and the best way to ensure you always follow this rule is to have a number of bookmakers accounts open. You will only be using one at a time, but it’s hand to have them there.


Use the best bookmakers for accumulator betting

If somebody came up to you and your mate in the street and said give me £10 and I’ll give you £130, but your mate £150, you’d be annoyed, right? So then, why do you use a bookmaker with short odds for your accumulator than another bookmaker? Each week we use odds comparison sites to check the odds of our football accumulator tips before we place the bet. You would be amazed at the difference in odds between one bookmaker and another.


Accumulator Free Bets

Always try and use a free bet when betting on an accumulator. This means you are not risking your own money, but the bookmakers instead. Football accumulator bets are hard to get right, so any tips and tricks you can use to reduce the risk of losing will be beneficial to you.

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