Ladbrokes 5-a-side – Where Sports Betting Meets Fantasy Football

Ladbrokes 5-a-side offer

Do you love a bit of fantasy football but always wish you could back your side with a few quid? Well, Ladbrokes’ 5-a-side betting offer could be just the thing you’re looking for.

One of the most unique betting offers on the market, it’s the opportunity to put your football knowledge to the test to win big.

Launching ahead of the 2020/21 season, the promotion continues to go from strength to strength and here at That’s A Goal, we really have fallen in love with Ladbrokes 5-a-side…


What is Ladbrokes 5-a-side?

Of course, you may be wondering what it actually is. Ladbrokes has always been a brand that has introduced new and exciting bonus games and their 5-a-side offering certainly falls into that category. 

Ultimately it’s a mash-up of football betting and fantasy football, with the opportunity to back the players you’ve selected in a 5-a-side fantasy football team.

The game allows you to select players from all over Europe, each and every matchday putting together a team to bet on and try to beat the bookmaker.


How Does Ladbrokes 5-a-side Work?

  1. Select your formation
  2. Select your team
  3. Select the stats
  4. Place your bet

The concept of Ladbrokes 5-a-side is simple and if you know how to play fantasy football and you know how a bet builder works, then you’ll have few problems at all getting to grips with it.

It works in much the same way as a bet builder, except in this case you can only build your bet using player bets and the individual players you have selected in your 5-a-side team. 

It’s a relatively easy process to get started, and all you need to do is head to the 5-a-side offer page and follow these simple steps…


Select Your Formation

Just like regular Fantasy Football you need to select a formation for your team. This is slightly different as the formation you pick will determine the type of bets placed in your bet builder. That’s because each type of player corresponds with a type of bet. 

This works as follows:

Player Type Betting Market
Goalkeeper To Concede
Hacker To Be Carded
Cruncher Tackles
Baller Passes
Playmaker Assists
Chancer Shots Outside The Box
Sniper Shots
Sharp-Shooter Shots On Target
Finisher Goals

The formations in which you can choose based on these players include a set number of these players which can’t be amended, so you need to think about the players and formations carefully alongside the context of each game. 


The formations playable with Ladbrokes’ 5-a-side are:

Formation Players
Balanced Keeper, Hacker, Baller, Sniper, Finisher
All Out Attack Keeper, Hacker, Sniper, Sniper, Finisher
Rush Goalie Hacker, Playmaker, Sniper, Finisher, Finisher
Park The Bus Keeper, Hacker, Hacker, Cruncher, Chancer
Gung-Ho! Baller, Playmaker, Sniper, Finisher, Sharp-Shooter
Shoot On Sight Keeper, Chancer, Sniper, Sharp-Shooter, Finisher


Select Your Team

Then it’s time to pull your players together. Unlike traditional fantasy football, you won’t have the same team each week with the odd transfer, you can build your team and formation again each week before placing your bets.

Players must be selected into the formation and the style of player they are. So if you wanted to select a hacker, this player will be judged on whether they are carded or not.

It is possible to place the same player in multiple positions if you believe they are going to compete in the multiple markets. For example, you may wish to select an attacking player who you think will score but also get a yellow card. This may mean you select them as a hacker and a finisher. 


Selecting the Stats

Once you’ve placed your team in their appropriate positions, you can then adjust the stats you wish to bet on. So, in the case of a finisher you can toggle the number of goals you believe they will score, with the odds then being adjusted accordingly.

The odds will then be calculated as a 5-fold accumulator to place your bet on.


Place Your Bet

Once all your bets are in place, you can then calculate your odds and place your bets. All you then need to do is add in the amount you wish to stake and away you go!


Which Leagues Can I Play Ladbrokes 5-a-side

The great thing about Ladbrokes’ 5-a-side betting offer is that it isn’t exclusive to the Premier League, like most fantasy football games are.

The betting element of it means you can not only pick players from the English top flight, but leagues from across Europe too including La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1.


Ladbrokes 5-A-Side Leaderboards

Get more chances to win with your 5-A-Side bets. Every 5-A-Side bet placed within the qualifying period on selected matches goes into the Leaderboard contest where you compete with other players to win top rewards such as cash and free bets.

Hit the button below to find out which matches are available and more about 5-A-Side Leaderboards.



Get A Ladbrokes Free Bet

What better way to try this fantastic betting game than with a free bet? Ladbrokes are well known for their free bets and welcome offers and always have one of the finest deals around.

Here at That’s A Goal, we pride ourselves on delivering you with the finest Ladbrokes free bets. So, what’re you waiting for? Sign up to Ladbrokes today and start placing your 5-a-side bets…


How to get Ladbrokes Sign-up Offer

1 Register for a Ladbrokes account after clicking this link

2 Bet £5

3 £20 in free bets are added to your account

Ladbrokes sign-up offer

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