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Everton fans at Lime Street
Betting Blog & News 13-05-2019

Everton Fans bump into Liverpool fans at Lime Street Station

Everton played Tottenham Hotspur in London on the last day of the season, and their train arrived back in Liverpool, just as some Liverpool fans were making their way home from Anfield. You can guess what happened next. After Liverpool’s failure to win the league title thanks to Manchester City’s win at Brighton, the Everton […]

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Betting Blog & News 13-05-2019

Man City Fan Throws PINT on Gary Neville at Brighton

Manchester City won the Premier League title at Brighton yesterday, but one City fan took things too far when Gary Neville appeared outside the stadium after commentating on the match for Sky Sports. There are always a few fans that take things too far, as we seen when a Liverpool fan pushed a local into […]

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Everton betting tips
Betting Blog & News 12-05-2019

Everton fans were RIGHT to celebrate draw vs Liverpool

Everton fans were widely criticised for celebrating a 0-0 draw in the Merseyside derby back in March ‘like they’d won the World Cup’, but if Manchester City win the Premier League title today, it will be because of that draw at Goodison Park. Since that 0-0 draw, Liverpool have won every Premier League game to […]

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