Betting on a Team – The best markets, odds and more…

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When it comes to betting on football, there are tons of different markets. First and foremost, you can bet on individual matches. Each and every game you’ll find dozens of markets to bet on, from the likes of correct score to first goalscorer, but there are plenty of ways to bet on your team that don’t revolve around particular individual matches too.

Team betting can be done in a number of ways and across the season you’ll find them crop up regularly with the best bookmakers and our top tipsters, whether you’re looking to bet on the Premier League, Championship or any other division. But what are team bets? And what are the most common markets to play?


What are Team Bets?

You can bet on teams in multiple ways, and they all come in the form of outright bets. This essentially means they aren’t tied to a specific fixture, but rather the culmination of those fixtures or specific occurrences. 

Across many different bookmakers you’ll find a variety of markets dedicated to specific teams such as Manchester United, Liverpool and many other top clubs, and within those will include the likes of finishing position, to be relegated, and many other markets.

This allows you to bet on where teams will finish in specific competitions as well as manager odds and more. 


Outright Odds: How To Bet On Your Team…

So, what exactly can you place a bet on your team on? Well, it’s relatively straight forward and below you’ll find a full list of the different markets you can bet on individual teams outright.

Outright Winner

The outright winner market is incredibly popular at the beginning of a season and specific tournaments such as World Cups and the Champions League. Essentially, it’s a market in which you’re betting on a team to be the overall winner. So, if you were to bet on the Premier League winner outright market, then you’d be betting on the team you think is going to win the Premier League. 

If they do, you win the bet. If they don’t, you lose. Simple.

Every bookmaker will offer outright betting markets on the likes of the Premier League and other major tournaments. 

Premier League Winner Odds

  • 4/11 – Man City
  • 7/1 – Liverpool
  • 12/1 – Arsenal
  • 14/1 – Tottenham
  • 28/1 – Chelsea
  • 50/1 – Man United

Champions League Winner Odds

  • 11/4 – Manchester City
  • 5/1 – PSG
  • 6/1 – Liverpool
  • 6/1 – Bayern Munich
  • 12/1 – Real Madrid
  • 18/1 – Tottenham
  • 18/1 – Chelsea
  • 20/1 – Barcelona
  • 45/1 – Atletico Madrid


Top Finish

This is a market in which you can bet on a team to finish in a specific position in the league. This is particularly popular when it comes to European places and play-off places in divisions. For example, a player may wish to bet on a League One side finishing in the play-offs, or Arsenal to finish in the top four – the Champions League places. This is based on where a team finished at the end of the season.

You’ll also find outright odds on teams to finish in the top six, top half, and even to finish outside markets, where you’d bet on a side to potentially finish outside the top six or 10.

Premier League Top 4 Odds

  • 1/100 – Man City
  • 1/5 – Liverpool
  • 8/15 – Tottenham
  • 1/2 – Arsenal
  • 4/5 – Chelsea
  • 3/1 – Man United
  • 9/1 – Newcastle


To Be Relegated

At the other end of the table, you can also back teams to be relegated come the end of the season. This works in exactly the same way as top four finishes or outright winners, in that if you place a bet on a team, in order to win they must be in the relegation positions after that final whistle has blown on the last game of the season. 

This is a popular market at the beginning of the season, while it is always revisited as form begins to fluctuate for teams across their campaigns. 

Premier League Relegation Odds

  • 1/4 – Bournemouth
  • 11/8 – Nottingham Forest
  • 12/5 – Southampton
  • 2/1 – Everton
  • 14/5 – Fulham
  • 3/1 – Wolves
  • 4/1 – Leicester
  • 5/1 – Brentford
  • 5/1 – Leeds
  • 6/1 – Aston Villa


To Avoid Relegation

Similar to the finish outside market, you can also back teams to stay up. This is a popular market for betting on teams who have a high chance of being relegated but you fancy them to stay up. 

Again, this is often a market backed when form is looking like something could happen at the foot of the table, as well as at the beginning and halfway points of the season.

Premier League To Avoid Relegation Odds Coming Soon


Next Manager Odds

Alongside finishing positions and team performance based bets, you can also bet on the next manager of different teams, which is a hugely popular market when a manager is sacked from a club.

Most major bookmakers such as Paddy Power and Betfred have a ton of these markets, even when a team isn’t necessarily looking for a new manager, you’ll be able to bet on the next permanent manager. Of course, that could see your bet active for years.

The bet will often refer to the next permanent manager, therefore if a team was to put someone in temporary charge, this wouldn’t be reflected in the bet, and it would remain active.

Next Bournemouth Manager Odds

  • Sean Dyche 2/1
  • Chris Wilder 10/1
  • John Terry 12/1
  • Gary O’Neil 12/1
  • Michael Carrick 12/1
  • Thierry Henry 12/1
  • Wayne Rooney 16/1


How to Bet on a Team

Betting on a team couldn’t be easier, and all you need to do is head to your favourite bookmaker, find the outright market you wish to play and select the team and odds you wish to play.

It works in exactly the same way as betting on an individual match, except it’ll take a bit longer for the bet to settle.

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