Salford and Leyton Orient fans throw TRAFFIC CONES at eachother

Salford & Leyton Orient fans

Salford City have been climbing through the ranks of the English football pyramid for some years now, and with the backing of the Class of 92, they find themselves in the Football League for the very first time.

Their fan base is also growing and this weekend, there were videos of their fans confronting the travelling Leyton Orient fans. No fists were thrown though, just traffic cones. It was hardly one of the more serious examples of football violence!


Salford City and Leyton Orient Fans Clash

After the match ended in a 1-1 draw on Saturday afternoon, footage has emerged of fans throwing traffic cones at eachother, in what looks like a clash between the supporters close to the Leyton Orient fans coaches.

There was no punches seen on the video, but reports after the scrap suggest some violence did take place away from the traffic cones.

It was said on Twitter that the violence was started by a small pocket of disgruntled Salford City fans, after their side conceded a late equaliser to draw the match 1-1. ‘Throwing traffic cones, smashing taxi windows and nutting people’.

Another fan on Twitter said: “Couple started throwing punches and then naturally fans from both sides got involved.” Adding, “Stewards were slow to react but eventually they did and it ended up as a standoff by the supporters’ coach with people throwing s***.”


Salford give Justin Edinburgh banner to Leyton Orient

On a brighter note, earlier on in the afternoon, a young Salford City fan had passed on a banner to an Orient fan, remembering their former boss who tragically lost his life this summer. Unfortunately, the apparent “banter” by the fans after the match has stolen most of the headlines.


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