Footie5 at The Pools Free to Play Game: Win £25,000 Predicting Five Correct Scores

Footie5 what is it

Footie5 is a free-to-enter football prediction game ran by The Pools and it gives you the chance to win up to £25,000 for correctly predicting the correct score in five matches this weekend.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to the Premier League fixtures either, you can choose matches from the Championship, League One, League Two, or the Scottish Leagues to predict your five correct scores.

Below is our guide to Footie5 but if you’re ready to jump straight in, go and predict your five correct scores here.

How to play Footie5


What is Footie5?

Footie5 is a free to play game brought to you by The Pools. To enter, you have to predict the correct score in five matches from the upcoming football fixtures in England and Scotland. Footie5 will automatically generate five matches for you, but you can change the fixtures you’d like to predict the score of by clicking ‘Swap Fixtures’.

If you correctly predict the final score in the five selected fixtures, then you will be the winner of the top prize of £25,000 (if more than one person wins then the prize is shared) but there are also some consolation prizes available.

Predicting four correct scores wins you (or a share of) £2000.


How to play Footie5 for free

  1. Access the game here
  2. Complete the simple registration form if you need to create an account
  3. Use the pre-selected matches or pick your own
  4. Predict the correct score in each game
  5. Submit your entry

You can visit The Pools website at any time to see your entry and keep a check on how you are doing.

Footie5 - Free to play game


Is Footie5 free?

Yes. Each week you an play Footie5 for free by logging into your account and submitting your correct score predictions.

You can also create your own private leagues with friends and family so you can compete against them in the predictions game.

There is only one free entry per round permitted per account.


What are the prizes on Footie5 at The Pools?

The top prize is £25,000 and you can win this by correctly predicting the correct score in five matches during a round of Footi5. If there is more than one winner then the prize is shared equally.

The Pools may introduce extra prizes at certain points of the season but this will be at their discretion and it will be shown when you log in to make your predictions.

You can also win a monthly prize of £250 if you are top of the leaderboard at the end of a calendar month. When you enter your predictions, you are automatically entered into the monthly league table. If there is a tie at the top of the table, the prizes will be split equally between the leaders.


How do you score points on Footie5?

Scoring Mechanic Points
Accurately predicting the correct score 3
Each Game participation 1
Accurately predicting the match result 1
Accurately predicting a score draw 6

You get three points for correctly predicting the score of the match, one point for predicting the result of six points for predicting a score draw. This is for the leaderboard purposes and the maximum amount of points you can earn for each match is 6.

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